Gravestones of the family of Charles Kaighin and

Margaret (Christian) Kaighin

Location: Riverside Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio




Ebenezer Kaighin and his wife Elizabeth (Lehman) Kaighin




Inscription:  “Rev. Chi Kaighin ‘A native of the Isle of Man’ who died July 21, 1883 aged 59 years, and his wife

Margaret Christian who died Oct 12, 1904 aged 81 years.”





Ebenezer Kaighin 1850-1926

Elizabeth Kaighin 1854-1927

Chas E. Kaighin 1892-1929

Chas W. Kaighin 1863-1950




Mona Kaighin 1857-1925










George Cletus Kaighin

April 4, 1903 ~ May 10, 1939

My Grandfather

Grave located in Sunset Memorial Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio



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