Charles W. Kaighin

Timeline of Events


1863 Feb 06  Born Brooklyn, NY, Christened All Saints Church s/o Charles Kaighin

                        and Margaret (Christian) Kaighin, both born Isle of Man

Father was a Primitive Methodist Minister, ordained in England, Minister in

                        BrooklynNY and Cleveland, Ohio.  They immigrated in 1852.

1868               Residing at Schott St., Cleveland with his family (from Cleveland City Directory)

1872/3           Residing at Schott St., Cleveland with his family (from Cleveland City Directory)

1880               Residing at Schott St., Cleveland with his family (from US Federal Census),

                        Apprentice Blacksmith, age 17

1883 Jul 21    His father, Rev. Charles Kaighin dies in Cleveland

1887 (apprx) Marries Anna L. Winkler in Cleveland, age 24, Anna age 18

1897 June      Oldest daughter Loretta born Cleveland

1889 Mar 10 Second daughter Catherine born, Cleveland

1890 Dec        Third daughter Pearl born, Cleveland

1892 Dec        Oldest son, Charles E. born Cleveland

1892               Witness to a naturalization in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) probate court.

1894 Oct 8     Fourth daughter Helen born Cleveland

1900               Residing 16 Schott, Cleveland, and owns horseshoe business on S. Water St.

Cleveland (from Cleveland City Directory)

1903 Apr 04  Second son George Cletus (my grandfather) born Cleveland

1904               Mother Margaret (Christian) Kaighin dies Cleveland.

1905 (apprx) Third son Elroy Charles born Cleveland

1910               Residing 6901 Hague St., Cleveland (from US Federal Census) Horseshoer,

                        owns shop.  Living with wife Anna and 6 children.

1918 (apprx) Grandson Roland Pintner born, Cleveland.  Son of Charles’ daughter Catherine.

1920               Residing 2135 W. 65th St., Cleveland (from US Federal Census) with sister

Mona (divorced from wife, who is still at 6901 Hague with 3 of her children),

Songwriter, 56

1925 Oct 18   Brother Ebenezer dies of pneumonia in Cleveland, age 75 (obit mentions Charles

"of Cleveland")

1925 Oct 23   Sister Mona dies of pneumonia in Cleveland, age 73 (obit mentions Charles "of


1926 May      Grand daughter Kathlyn Pintner born Cleveland.  Daughter of Charles’ daughter Catherine.

1929 Jul 16    Oldest son, Charles E. dies Cleveland, age 37 (obit mentions father "of


1930               Ex-Wife, now Anna Waddell, residing 1625 Waterbury Rd., Lakewood, OH (she

                        remarried) (from US federal Census) with son George.

1930 Sep 09  Sister Margaret Christian (Kaighin) Cubbon dies in Cleveland, age 75 (obit

                        mentions brother "of Cleveland")

1939 May 16     Second son George Cletus (my grandfather) dies Cleveland, age 36 (obit

                        mentions father "of Cleveland")

1939 Nov 5    Grandson Daniel George (my father) born Cleveland.  Son of Charles’ son George

                        My father never meets any of his Kaighin family as his father died prior to his birth.

                        But my grandmother (George's wife) told me that Charles lived in Cleveland when

                        she married my        grandfather in Feb 1939.

1948 May 31 Oldest daughter Loretta dies Cleveland, age 50 (obit mentions father "of


1950 Apr 28  Died Cleveland, Ohio, Buried Riverside Cemetery, Cleveland



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