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The letters of Lizzie and Nessie Kaighin to their

brother John Kaighin in Missouri and New Mexico, USA


            In 1999 I received from Ann and Jack Kaighin of the Isle of Man Family History Society copies of 11 letters written between 1908 and 1925 by sisters Lizzie and Nessy Kaighin to their brother John who emigrated to Yukon, Missouri.  They are families 15200 and 18600 in my database.  John married Emma Beddow in England in 1878 and had three children, Annie Madeline, Richard Charles and John Beddow.  John Beddow Kaighin married Annie Castleman and they had eight children (family 19700 in my database).  Many Kaighins now living in Texas County, Missouri, and the Longview, Washington area are descendants.  Everything I have on the lineage of this family can be found here:




You can download all letters in one zip file or open each image individually.


Click here to download the entire zip file


Individual images.  Note:  Most of the letters were copied with the first and last page of the letter on the first copy.  So the layout of the letters will be like this:


Image 1




Image 2





Letter 1 Page 1

Letter 1 Page 2


Letter 2 Page 1

Letter 2 Page 2


Letter 3 Page 1

Letter 3 Page 2


Letter 4 Page 1

Letter 4 Page 2


Letter 5 Page 1

Letter 5 Page 2


Letter 6 Page 1

Letter 6 Page 2

Letter 6 Page 3

Letter 6 Page 4


Letter 7 Page 1

Letter 7 Page 2

Letter 7 Page 3


Letter 8 Page 1

Letter 8 Page 2


Letter 9 Page 1

Letter 9 Page 2

Letter 9 Page 3

Letter 9 Page 4


Letter 10


Letter 11


A Land Patent record found of the Bureau of Land Management website for Lizzie and Nessy’s brother John who purchased land for a farm in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

Land Patent



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