The Christians of Milntown, Isle of Man

and Ewanrigg Hall, Cumberland, England


Christian family chart drawn exclusively from A.W. Moore’s Manx Families, “Christian’s of Milntown, Isle of Man and Ewanrigg Hall, Cumberland

Special thanks to Frances Coakley for transcribing



John MacChristinDeemster 1408, Tynwald 1422



Of Altadale, Lezayre



Deemster 1500-1510



John                                                                             Daniel                                                  (sister)

Deemster 1511-1535                                                   Ancestors of the Christians of                        Married Garrett of Ballabrooie

Acquired land adjacent to                                          Baldroma, Maughold                                     

Altadale and called the whole Milntown                                                                                          

First to put Manx laws into writing                                                                                                   



William                                                (eldest daughter)                                             John

Deemster with father              Married Samsbury of Ronaldsway                 (second son)

Succeeded to the estate                                                                                  Water-Bailiff

of Milntown in 1535 but

died in 1539



(eldest son)                       Robert (2nd son)


                                         Christians of Lewaigue

                                         in Maughold










Changed name from

MacChristen to Christian

Succeeded to the property

Of Milntown in 1593

Made deemster in 1605

At the age of 26 and held

Office 51 years

Deputy Governor of Peel Castle

His sister Jane’s property passed to

his third son the famous “Iliam Dhone



John (eldest son)                     Mabel (second wife) -------John Curghey of Ballakillingan------ (first wife)  Margaret

Assistant Deemster                 born 1599                                                                           |                            born 1617

            |                                                                                                                           Ewan-----------------| (marriage)



Succeeded grandfather Ewan

To the property of Milntown




Ewan                                                                           Margaret-----Thomas Wattlesworth of Peel                                        Thomas (fifth son)

Purchased property of                                                                             |                                                                                           Vicar of Crosthwaite, Cumberland

Ewanrigg Hall, Cumberland (c.1680)                         |------------------------------------------|                  -------------------|-----------

Also succeeded to the property of                              Elizabeth                                             Margaret------  Joseph (married cousin)

Milntown on father’s death in 1693                           Archdeacon Moore’s                                            |

       |                                                                            and W.F Moore’s grandmother                      Decendants:

--|-------------------------------                                                                                                      Ewan and Joseph Henry Christain (architects)

John--------Bridget Senhouse                                                                                                                          Henry Baily, mbr of Council of Cape of Good Hope

            |      Daughter of Humphrey                                                                                                    Henry Christain, admiral & Chief Constable of

            |      Senhouse of Netherhall                                                                                                                Gloucestershire

            |      Humphrey a lineal descent                                                                                                           Alfred, George and William Christian, merchants

            |      of King Edward I                                                                                                                        Mrs W.F. Moore of Cronkbourne



   John ----- Jane Curwen                                                                                 Fletcher Christian -------------(Tahitian wife)      Charles----Ann Dixon

             |      Daughter of Eldred Curwen of Workington Hall, Cumberland (second son)                    |                                                    daughter of

             |     He was High Sheriff for Cumberland in 1766.  died 1767                     HMS Bounty mutineer              |                                                        Jacob Dixon of

             |                                                                                                                                  ---------------|--------                           Moreland Close

----------------|------                                                                                                                    Thursday October Christian

Isabella-------John-----------Margaret Taubman (first wife) died 1778

m. 1782        Succeeded   |   Daughter of John Taubman of Castletown

heiress of       his father      |    John had married Esther Christian, daughter

Hen Curwen  at age 12      |   of Deemster Nicholas Christian of Ballastole

                                         |   distant connection of the Milntown Christians.


   John Christian

   Deemster, succeeded to the

   Christian properties of Milntown and

   Ewanrigg Hall, Cumberland



William Bell Christian

Receiver General, M.C., M.A., J.P.,

19th in decent of John MacChristen

Held estates in 1889



Ewan John Christian

Commissioner of Police, Kimberly, South Africa 1889



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