[From 3rd Manx Scrapbook]



HERE, as previously, the prefix " Mac " in the Manx names is usually written in full for the sake of uniformity, whether the original form has " Mac," " Mc " or " M." In a few cases this prefix persisted into the 19th century. MacNamaire occurs in Ballaugh Parish Register in 1822. This was MacGilmere and MacEmere in 1513 in the two adjoining parishes, and underwent many transformations until, as Monier (pronounced probably Moneer), it died out in the Island before the middle of the 19th century. MacOboy occurs in Ballaugh in 1818, unchanged from its appearance in Michael in 1513, though that is far from being its only rendering. McFayle, in Thwaites' Directory, Andreas, 1863, is almost certainly not the old Manx name. McKneale, which is still to be found in the Ramsey district, is not a native either, but a Manx adaptation of the Scotch McNeill. Generally speaking, the names which tended to retain the " Mac " longest were those of the MacGil- class. These will be discussed in a later chapter.

The abbreviation Bps. Bk. refers to MSS. relating to the Courts of the Bishop's Barony, which was confined to the Northern part of the Island. Other sources are the same as those mentioned in Chap. II. The third volume of the long-extinct Manx Society's publications is especially useful for the earliest names. Woulfe's Irish Names saves a Manx writer a good deal of thinking ; a comparable work for Scotland would be even more helpful.



Kaighan, -in. ?MacAkoen, Abbey Boundaries, 14th cent. ; MacCaghen, 1513, Chaginge, 1635, Kaighin, 1696. Sc. Eachdonn (not Each-tigheayna, as I stated in A Second Manx Scrapbook, page 67). Mod. Sc. McEachan, McGeachan. (McEachern from Eachtig-hearna.) Or perhaps from Ir. MacEachain. In either case the sense is, broadly, a horseman. Caughan (q.v.) is probably cognate. Caken, r510, Rushen, appears unrelated to Kaighan of German. One of the Bishop's servants in 1354 was named de Cakan



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