Kaighins in Burial and Will Indexes in the Isle of Man


The information in this table is taken from several sources.  The burials come from the indexes published by the Isle of Man Family History Society and can be found on Brian Lawson’s website www.lawsons.ca  


If “Burial Date” contains the word ‘death’, this is taken from other sources, typically from monumental inscriptions, or if specifically mentioned in that individual’s will. 


The last five columns correspond to that individual’s will information.  There were two types of wills in the Isle of Man; Episcopal and Archdeacon’s (E or A) and are organized on the microfilms according to which type.  For more discussion on wills, click here.  If the last column is hyperlinked, clicking on the link will take you to the transcription of that will and in some cases, the actual images of the will taken from the microfilm.


If the will is not available here, you may take this information to your local Mormon Family History Center and look up the will yourself. 





Page 1

Ada Eugenie Adelaide Kaighen

Catherine Margaret Kaighin

Page 2

Cecilia Adeline Catherine Kaighen

Elizabeth Maude Kaighin

Page 3

Ellen (Killey) Kaighin

James John Kaighen

Page 4

Jane Kaigin

John William Frederick Kaighen

Page 5

Joney Kaighen

Martha Kaighin

Page 6

Mary (Christian) Kaighin

Susannah (Kissack) Kaighin

Page 7

Thomas Kaughin

William Walter Kaighin




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