Notes from Florence Lyon


The following information was excerpted from a letter written by Florence Lyon of Cleveland Heights, Ohio

on July 26, 1990.  She is the daughter of Caroline Kaighin Lyon, sister of Thomas Kaighin

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Update 20 August 2006.  William G. Kaighin of Orange, California sent me a copy of the Florence Lyon

Genealogy Cart which is also deposited in the Manx Museum in Douglas, Isle of Man.  What follows in red

is taken directly from that chart.


Update 22 March 2007.  New information has been discovered that proves that the first generation here,

Thomas Kaighin and Margaret Quayle are incorrect.  This should be John Kaighin and Elizabeth Nicholl.

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Descendants of Phillip and Jane Maria Kaighin.


Information in the center circle and first ring is from the Kaighin Family Bible.  Additional information is from personal acquaintance with family members or from relatives.  Information in the lower left and right corners are from the parish records which are on microfilm in the Genealogical Library of the Isle of Man Museum in Douglas.  The search was made easier because my mother had made a list of all her aunts and uncles on both sides of her family.  I took the list with me when I visited the Isle of Man in 1968 and 1973.


To read, start at high noon and read clockwise on the first ring from the center.


This family record was compiled by Florence Lyon, youngest grandchild



"According to the Kaighin Family Bible…..

















Thomas Gale Kaighin








b. June 18, 1863 probablly in Brooklyn, NY







m. Wilhelmina Hasselman on June 29, 1887






Wilhelmina Hasselman of German descent.

























































"According to Kaighin Ancestry from Kirk Michael, Isle of Man



































Thomas Kaighin






John Cannell


m Margaret Quayle






m Joney Caine





John Kaighin

Eleanor Cannell







b. April 2, 1777

b. July 25, 1779








these two married on ?

















and had the following children








Elizabeth (Betsie) Knight

Sept 2, 1798









Jan 30, 1800






Eleanor (Ellen)Kelley


Oct 28, 1801









Dec 21, 1803









Sept 29, 1805 d. Dec 30, 1805





Jane Corlett


Jan 2, 1807






Ann Williams


Feb 8, 1809









Mar 6, 1811






Elizabeth Margaret Varren

Mar 5, 1813









June 17, 1815









Aug 19, 1817









Feb 20, 1820























Phillip Kaighin




Jane Maria Gale




b. June 17, 1815




b. Jan 11, 1824




d. Jan 18, 1884




d. April 1, 1911






married Oct 28, 1845









Brooklyn, New York


















And had the following children




























Celia Maria



Oct 23, 1846 died infant




John Phillip



Feb 22, 1848 died infant




Eleanor Eugenia



July 23, 1849 d July 10, 1911




married Charles Julius Schuh








James Alfred



May 13, 1851 d Au 11, 1925




married Rose Maria Greenough








Margaret Clarissa



April 13, 1853 d. May 3, 1917




Martha Jane



Jan 29, 1855 died infant




Theodore William



April 14, 1857 died infant




Ann Amelia



May 29, 1859 d Sept 11, 1881








April 30, 1861 d.1940





married David Otis Saunders








Thomas Gale



June 18, 1863 d. Aug 29, 1935




married Wilhelmina Hasselman












Jan 28, 1867 died infant








Jan 28, 1870 d. Aug 12, 1964




married Edward Everett Lyon








parents of Florence Lyon, Cleveland Heights, Ohio



















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