Kaighins in the Manorial Rolls of 1511/1515


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Entries in the Manorial Rolls, 1511


-         Parish of Holy Trinity in Rushen.

o   Treen of Fyshgarth

From Roger McUrmen and the wife of Peter McCaken for 1 parcel of land of the common pastures newly enclosed.†† 2s.

[This is for a newly enclosed intack property, and not a named quarterland]

o   Treen of Croknesse [now Cregneash]

From William McCaken for 1 tenement and a 4th part of 1 quarter of land demised to him and his assigns as above.6s.

[The treen of Croknesse (Cregneash) consists of two quarterlands, collectively known by 1703 as Cregneash.The tenant landholders of the first quarterland were Henry Gall and Alice, lately wife of John Gall, chief rent 22s 8d.The tenant landholders of the second quarterland were John Waterson and Jenken McNele (for half the quarterland), and William McCaken as above.Chief rent is unknown, but the sum of the Waterson, McNele, McCaken portions totals 18s 3d. A quarter of this quarterland is not being rented in 1511]

o   Treen of Shanball [now Shenvalley]

From William Neleson for a 4th part of 1 quarter of land lately in the tenure of Robert Caken demised to him and his assigns as above.5s. 8d

[This is for a quarter of the quarterland that by 1703 was known as Ballnahow, chief rent: 27s 4d]


Entry in the Manorial Rolls, 1515


-         Parish of St. German

o   Treen of Sartedale [I believe this is mis-transcribed, and the original Norse name of the Treen of Sartedale was Gartedale] [now Sandall]

From Richard McCaghen for 1 tenement and 1 quarter of land demised to him.16s

[This is for the full quarterland of what by 1703 was known as Ballakaighin.]

[In a previous entry from circa 1490-1495, Richard and his father Johan (John) were paying the rent for this quarterland.]




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