The notes of Philip Allen of Kaighin records found in the

northern Manx parishes of Bride and Jurby and the town of Ramsey


††††††††††† A special thanks to Mr. Philip Allen of Surrey for the following transcript.Philip is a Kaighin through his Great-Grandmother Allen, whose mother was a Kaighin.These notes are Mr. Allenís extraction of Kaighins in the Baptismal, Birth, Marriage, and Burial registers of Ramsey, Bride and Jurby, Isle of Man.I have scanned the transcripts so they can be viewed ďas isĒ to avoid ambiguity.Mr. Allen provided me with a disclaimer which Iím pasting here from our email correspondence:


I have no objection in principle [to posting to the internet], subject to a quality check.  I made the initial transcripts many years ago, but have no reason to think that I was any less careful then than now.  The transcript into the present form I made some years later with a view to sending them to a Kaighin who lived in another part of Surrey, but I never did contact him. These transcripts were done at my kitchen table while I was living on my own, as I waited for my evening meal to cook, so they represent 15-minute bursts of activity.  Again, I probably did them carefully, but now we are dealing with a transcript of a transcript.


Could I ask you, please, to do a quality control check.  Please check as many as can easily do against the IGI, and let me know if you find any discrepancies.


Subject to that, and if you think my writing is good enough, I suppose it is OK to put them on the Internet.  Philip





The Scanned Transcripts:

Bride Baptisms

Bride Marriages

Bride Burials

Jurby Baptisms

Jurby Marriages

Jurby Burials

Ramsey Births

Ramsey (St. Paulís) Baptisms

Ramsey Marriages


My re-transcription of Philipís notes sorted by event and date:







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