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Chart of the Jurby Kaighins

Based on what we know now, this is the scenario we can suppose. What we know about Philip Kaighin is that he married Ann Comish on 19 May 1866 in Kirk Bride. They lived at Knockbane (now Cronkbane) in Bride where his first two children, Lenora Ann and Catherine Jane were christened. He may have moved twice, first to Ballaugh where his son Philip John Kaighin was christened 14 Jun 1871, then to Douglas, where his daughter Janetta was christened at St. Mathews Church, 20 Sep 1874. The family had moved to Mirfield, Yorkshire by 1878 where another daughter, Robina was born and where the family can be found in the 1881 Census.
Our theory is that Philip, and an older brother Charles were born illegitimate to Margaret Boyd(e) and Thomas Kaighin IV of Jurby. Here are the records that we think support this theory along with some speculation.
- 23 May 1747, Jurby, Thomas Kaighin marries Jane Killey
- 23 October 1755, Jurby, Thomas Kaighin Jr. born to Thomas Kaighin and Jane Killey
- 23 January 1781, Jurby, Thomas Kaighin Jr. marries Eleanor Moughtin
- 28 February 1790, Jurby, Thomas Kaighin III born to Thomas Kaighin and Eleanor Moughtin
- 17 January 1815, Jurby, Thomas Kaighin III marries Ann Callister
- 17 December 1815, Ballaugh, Thomas Kaighin IV born to Thomas Kaighin and Ann Callister
- 9 November 1834 Charles Boyd christened to Margaret Boyd, Kirk Michael. Father not listed. But we suspect Thomas Kaighin IV to be the father.
- 26 June 1836 Philip Boyde christened to Margaret Boyde, Kirk Michael. Father not listed. But we suspect Thomas Kaighin IV to be the father.
- 30 January 1838 Philip Kaighin, 1, buried , Kirk Malew. We suspect this to be the same Philip born 26 Jun 1836
- 1839/40 Philip Kaighin born to Margaret Boyde in Castletown, Kirk Malew. No record of this yet.
- 1841 Census, Lambfell Moar, K. German 1 8 36, Margaret Boyde, (40) head, Charles Kaighin (son) 7, Philip Kaighin (son) 1.
- 1851 Census, Lambfell Moar, Kirk German, Margaret Boyde, (53) head, b. Jurby, Charles Kaighin (son) 17, labourer, b. K. Michael, Philip Kaighin (son) , 11
scholar, b. K. Malew.
- 1861 Census, Kirk Michael district 2, Entry 28, Philip Boyde, 22 born K.German. (this could be someone else)
- 19 May 1866, Kirk Bride, Philip Kaighin marries Ann Comish
- 1871 IOM Census, 59 Carmodyl Moar (Mona House) Ballaugh, Philip (head) 26 b. Castletown, Ann, wife, 29 b. Andreas, Lenora Kaighin Daur 4 - b. Bride, Catharine I. Kaighin Daur 2 - b. Bride
- 1881 British Census, Close Rhenny, Jurby, Isle of Man, Thomas IV, 60 (head) is unmarried, living with siblings William, Ann and Ellen
- 1881 British Census. Stevensons Row, Mirfield, York, England. Charles (head) 46, Married (no wife listed). b. IOM, Railway Drayman. Philip (son), 18, Unmarried, b. IOM, Railway Porter. No other family listed.
- 1881 British Census. East Thorpe, Mirfield, York, England. Philip Kaighin (Head), 38, b. IOM, Married, Maltsters Labourer. Ann (wife) Married, 39, born IOM. And four children listed. These last two census records are ten households apart in Mirfield. We speculate that these are the same brothers as above.

There's more to this theory that is still bouncing around in my head that I haven't had time to write down yet. One of the Jurby Kaighin familys moved down to Castletown about the same time that Philip was born there and I'm trying to figure out if there was a link somehow. Also, as Frances Coakley mentions, Thomas Kaighin IV would have been 18 when Margaret Boyde was 33 (when Charles Boyde was born in 1834: I can see how parental disapproval could prevent a marriage of a 18year old Thomas with Ann Boyde twice his age but since they apparently had 3 children together it wasn't just a one-night stand - why did they not marry when Thomas reached 21 ? - was Ann already married ? (divorce was virtually impossible on Island until the 1930's) If she was married here are two possibilities:

- Margaret Boyde m. William Cannell 24 Jun 1837 Ballaugh

- Margaret Boyde m. James Crellin 04 Oct 1834 Ballaugh


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