80 - Gilbert McCaghen  
  150 - Morris Kaighin  
  435 - John Kaighin  
  925 - William Kaighin  
  1400 - John Kaighin Sr.  
  2280    John Kaighin Jr. (Immigrated to America in 1682)  
  3750 Joseph Kaighn Sr. 4200    John Kaighn III  
  6950 Joseph Kaighn Jr. 6530   John Kaighn IV  
  9155 Joseph Kaighn III 9153   Elias Kaighn Sr.  (Elias was not the son of John)  
  13250 Charles Kaighn 13575   George B. Kaighn 13650   William S. Kaighn 12650 - James S. Kaighn  
  16540 William C. Kaighn 18035   William F. Kaighn 17440 Maurice M. Kaighn 17660   Edward W. Kaighn 15875 William H. Kaighn - (1) Harriet 18435   William H. Kaighn - (2) Margaret  
  20773 Charles Kaighn 19169 George W. Kaighn 19518   John L. Kaighn 19164 Maurice E. Kaighn 19159   William S. Kaighn 19645 Edward J. Kaighn 19527   Charles H. Kaighn  
  21422 William A. "Bill" Kaighn 21366 Mahlon M. Kaighn Sr. 21140 Lewis S. Kaighn 20640 Russell J. Kaighn 20715 Alan E. Kaighn 20452 Edward R. Kaighn 21010 William S. Kaighn Jr. 21376 Francis J. Kaighn 20975   William H. Kaighn 21363 Leonard C. Kaighn Sr.  
  21543 Charles G. Kaighn 21537 Mahlon M. Kaighn Jr. 21548 Robert D. Kaighn 21513 Robert J. Kaighn Sr. 21434 Kenneth E. Kaighn 21396 David H. Kaighn 21458 William E. Kaighn 21547 Richard J. "Jim" Kaighn 21431   Robert W. Kaighn 21432 Leonard C. Kaighn Jr.  
  21543 Grady W. L. Kaighn 22525 Brian T. Kaighn 21684 Andrew J. Kaighn 21513 Robert J. Kaighn Jr. 21539 Ray A. Kaighn 21546 David R. Kaighn         21628 Gary W. Kaighn 21636 Brian R. Kaighn 21659 Leonard C. Kaighn III  
  Ballanair Kaighin Branch New Jersey Kaighns  
      Based on Y-DNA results, we have discovered that Elias Kaighn (9153) is not in fact genetically related to the rest of the Kaighin family.  After some exhaustive research, we have discovered that Elias was not born a Kaighn, but more likely was born with the surname Cain or a phonetic equivalent.  Due to his proximity to other actual Kaighns in Gloucester County, New Jersey and also likely due to his own illiteracy, we theorize that record keepers began spelling it as Kaighn and by the time literacy stuck in his children's generation, the spelling was settled.  Other researchers have in the past attributed Elias parents as John Kaighn and Sarah McMullen, but this is not the case.  So most members of the NJ Kaighn Branch are not genetically Kaighns, they are most likely Irish Cains.  We have also found that there are three male lines of decent alive today who claim Elias Kaighn as an ancestor.  We have Y-DNA tested two of these lines and have discovered that there are three separate and unique Y-DNA haplotypes (signatures), so two of these lines comes from another source and are therefore not actually descended from Elias.  These are represented above as orange, purple and green.  We are working with the descendants of James Kaighn to get one of them Y-DNA tested (Jim, Gary, Brian R., or Len).  These results should tell us which of the three haplotypes belongs to Elias and his legitimate descendants.  And once we know Elias' haplotype, we can start looking for Y-DNA matches and hopefully identify Elias' ancestors and where he came from.