Kaighin Researchers


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Amanda Kaighin

akaighin38 at hotmail.com


Good Morning Greg,

I just visited the Kaighin site (by Googling my name) and found that both myself and my step-mother have been labeled as "strays" from Australia. My name is Amanda Jane Kaighin and her name is Kristie Kaighin (PRIVATE). I was hoping to get the password to the database so I can determine if our relatives are there and fill in more pieces of the puzzle.

Many thanks,


Amanda Kaighin


Brianna Keighin

kittencutie at cox.net


I don't know when my dad was born.

I don't know when my aunt was born.

They were never married.

Jesse Keighin was born PRIVATE in PRIVATE.  He’s in Virginia now.

Me, I was born PRIVATE in PRIVATE.  I'm in Vegas now.


Bruce Kaighin

bkaighin at net2000.com.au


Dear Greg

Thank you for your progress with our family story.

I Am Roland Bruce Kaighin, married Valerie Jean PRIVATE in 1959.

Our children are : Peter Bruce Married Kari PRIVATE, their children: Asha & Liam.

                             Jennifer Louise  her child: Ella Louise Kaighin

                             Andrew Michael, no children

                             Meredith Anne, married Giovanni [John] Cerra,  their children: Lauren, & Adam

My father, Evelyn Orry Kaighin married Dorothy PRIVATE, I am the only surviving child.

My grandfather, David Orry Kaighin married Evelyn Lund,  their children: Charles Bright [unmarried]

Victoria, married Dal Moon.  Their children: Wesley, Meredith, Morva, Milton, Lynette

David Orry's father was Thomas Kaighin married Jane Cain.

I hope this may be some help, as I extend this I shall contact you again        

Warm Regards, Bruce


Charles William “Bill” Keighin

cwkeighin at comcast.net



     Kevin Keighin gave me your address, and I've looked at your most impressive web site.  I'm a cousin

of Kevin's; his g father and my father were bothers.  You may already have most/all of the information I

may contribute, but am interested in hearing from you.


[Charles William] Bill Keighin

Lakewood, CO 


Craig Johnson

johnson.craig.a at edumail.vic.gov.au


Dear Greg,


I am Olive Johnson's eldest son. Rodd Johnson is my youngest brother.

Her father was Thomas Robert Livesay Kaighin.

His father was Thomas Caesar Kaighin.

I am interested in accessing the data base as am travelling to the UK in the next two weeks and plan to visit the IOM.


Regards Craig


Diane Kaighin

diane.kaighin at hp.com


Hi could you please provide me with a password to view the Kaighin database. My name is Diane Patricia Kaighin and I reside in Victoria Australia. Thank you.


Jesse Keighin

e18daddyof02 at aim.com


I am the son of Greg Keighin his father was from Illinois and my family lives in Colorado. I know my

furthest relatives live in Illinois on both sides, my closest live in Colorado. I ran across your website

and found it strange my last name is spelled KEIGHIN and you were looking for Illinois and Colorado.

My name is Jesse Alan Keighin
My fathers name is Greggory Alan Keighin
His father was Robert I believe


I can inquire further if you feel this is something.


Jessica Dent

aussie_blow_fly at hotmail.com


Hi, My name is Jessica Jeanette Dent. I currently live in Darwin, Australia.  My father's mother Gwenda Joyce Kaighin was the daughter of Thomas Robert Livesay Kaighin and Angela PRIVATE.  Gwenda had 5 children to Douglas Charles James Dent.


Jessica Dent


Kevin and Andrew Keighin

kkeighin at yahoo.com

keighin2 at uiuc.edu



The reason our branch was told that the name was changed to Keighin was due to a land clerk's error

when land was put in the Keighin name(instead of Kaighin). It was told to my dad that David Byron?..

when the land clerk misspelled the name on the land deed....told the family that it would cost more to

correct the spelling than what it was worth.... So that was why the spelling got changed here in Illinois.

Kind of sorry excuse for our line of thinking.....


Thanks Greg for the work you are doing. It is really interesting. Hopefully my cousin Paula (Keighin)

Meiner will be able to update you on some of the family tree.. Here is part of my immediate branch..


 Clarence and Isabel(Latham)  Keighin...sons Bob,Paul, and Ken Keighin

 Kenneth Allen Keighin and wife Grace Keighin.....son Kevin and daughter Valerie

 Kevin Byron Keighin and wife Janet Keighin

       son Andrew Ross Keighin

       daughter  Melissa Lynn Keighin

 Valerie (Keighin) Tamblyn and husband Scott Tamblyn


Lynette Piggott (nee Moon)

lynpiggott at datafast.net.au


Dear Greg, 

I have just been in contact with my brother Milton Moon, who has sent me all the info regarding your

Kaighin research.  It all sounds great.  I am the youngest child of Victoria Jane Moon (nee Kaighin) and have been keen to find more about our origins.  I am Lynette Piggott (nee Moon)

Cheers and regards from a distant relative 

Lyn Piggott


Mary Miller

elthamlax at techinfo.com.au

Researching David Orry Kaighin of Australia

The WOOLLEY family I am researching for a friend, come from LOTHA in Tasmania. I have very little

to go on at this stage but there may be a connection somewhere once you start researching that line. I

have found that there are three separate WOOLLEY families in Tasmania.

I do also have a distant connection to the CAIN name. David Orry KAIGHIN married Evalina LUND - his parents were Thomas KAIGHIN and Jane CAIN – her father was Caesar CAIN.


Melissa Keighin

melissakeighin at huntinton.edu


From Facebook:


Hey no problem! I went to kaighin.com. Very interesting! And yes... I would LOVE to go back to Hawaii. We went once a couple of years back, and I am beyond ready to go again. Maybe I can convince him at some point - I am even content with waiting until I am finished with college so that he's not paying college bills and travel stuff at the same time. Hopefully that can happen... I'll keep my fingers crossed =)


Milton Moon

miltonmoon at smartchat.net.au


My mother was a Kaighin; her family migrated to Australia in the 1850's and settled in the High

Country of the Victorian alps in Victoria, Australia

Best wishes, Milton Moon.


Pam Tyrrell

ftyrrell at hyperlink.net.au

Also descended from Thomas Kaighin and Jane Cain.


Paula Meiner

pmeiner at prairieinet.net


Greg -  

Here is some information that might be helpful to you:

My dad is Paul Byron Keighin

          parents: Clarence Byron and Isabel Latham Keighin

marriage:  Mary Jean Keighin April 19, 1942 in St. Louis, IL

children: 1.   Paula Jean Keighin - married to  Lonnie Aaron Meiner on Aug. 15, 1970 in Colfax, IL

                             our  children: 

                         Amy Jean Meiner married Matthew John Cheever - April 6,

                             2004 in Colfax, IL (expecting their first this next May!!  Ask me if I'm excited!!)

                                   Tricia Dawn Meiner

                                   Kristi Suzanne Meiner

     2.  John Gray Keighin


If there is anything else that you need, Greg, please let me know.


Robert Kaighin

From Facebook:


I am the son of William Henry Robert Kaighin and Margaret (PRIVATE), both born in Australia. I have seen our family tree (my father compiled it) but the name you mentioned does not ring a bell.

Are there many Kaighins in the US?

Robert Kaighin


Rodd Johnson

roddajohnson at optusnet.com.au


Dear Greg,
I am a Kaighin, through my mother, Irene Olive Mone Kaighin, her father was Thomas Kaighin of Wandiligong Victoria, Australia, grandfather, again named Thomas Kaighin who came to Australia in the 1800's.  I have a brief history of this side of the family going back to 1576 in the IOM (Kirk German, Kirk St. Michael).  I' m in the midst of reading your research with great interest.  If I can be of assistance please repl

Regards. Rodd Johnson
Victoria, Australia


Anna Kaighan

annakaighin at yahoo.co.uk


Dear Greg,

I came across your site today purely by accident and noted that you were interested inquiring information relating to the Kaighans in Barrow in Furness - UK. I hope the following may be of some use to you.

My name is Anna and I am married to Michael Kaighan - son of Alan Frederick Kaighan. Michael has 2 sisters, Denise and Pauline.

Alan Kaighan has 2 brothers, Brian and Derek and 2 sisters, Marion and Audrey.

Denise has 2 children, Wayne and Christine.

Pauline has 2 children, Martin and Sharon.


Alan's father's name was William John Kaighan.

All of the above were born in Barrow in Furness.


Very little appears to be known about the family history although we believe that there are connections to the Isle of Man and Ireland.

If you would like any specific information I will gladly pass it on to you.



Anna Kaighan


Brian Kaighan

brian.kaighan at btinternet.com




I just noticed your web page saying you would welcome contact from the Kaighan family from Barrow in Furness, England - well here we are!


My name is Brian Kaighan eldest son of Brian and Shirley Kaighan.  I am Married to Jan and we have 2 children Nicola and Darryl.  I have a brother Tony, who is married to Lynne and they have 2 children, Glenn  and Scott.

I also have a sister Jayne who is married to Andrew Shannon. and they too have 2 children, Emma & Jack.

I have 2 uncles called Kaighan – Alan & Derek - both married with adult children


We all still live in Barrow!!!!!!


hope this is useful to you,




Brian Kaighan


Darryl “Daz” Kaighan

brian.kaighan at btinternet.com


Hey Greg,


I'm Darryl Kaighan, the youngest one of Brian and Jan's family. I saw your website at school some time ago, and I was wanting to e-mail you but it turns my Dad already did! A bit about myself: I play guitar and sing in a band called Steamed Clams. We've been wanting to play in America (or any where outside of Barrow!) and now that I've found family there, it gives us more reason to!


Thanks for reading,




David Hughes

david-hughes at fish.co.uk


I'm enquiring on behalf of my wife's distant cousin, who had an aunt Catherine Ann Kaighin (died 12 July1938 at Verriaght, Lezayre Road, Ramsey). She brought up a number of children of William Henry Christian and Caroline Kaighin when Caroline died in 1889. Of particular interest is William Kaighin Christian, born around 1896.


Would it be possible to have a password to access your database?


David Hughes


Derald Rust and Arula Kaighin Rust

dhrust at msn.com



I am searching for information about the family of John Kaighin, born at Ramsey IOM, Oct. 21. Father

Thomas, Mother Jennie Kissack, Grandmother Kate Kelly, Brothers William, Thomas, and Robert and one

sister. Brothers Thomas and Robert and sister died in flu epidemic prior to 1898 John Kaighin sailed for

three years on an English vessel between ool and New York before settling in USA. Does anyone have any




Hello Greg.


This is Arula Kaighin Rust finally getting back to you.  Thanks for the message and the information 

The information you have on the Nebraska Kaighins is all correct as far as it goes.  My parents were William

Milton and Mildred Catherine (PRIVATE) Kaighin.  I was born PRIVATE and was adopted on PRIVATE.  I

will round up all the information you requested and get it to you.  I need to check on some dates with a

cousin, Dorothy Kaighin McConnell who is the youngest daughter of Joy Kaighin and Lockard Stanley.


You asked who John James married -- her name was Marie Trivier and her parents immigrated from

France to Coal City, Illinois where Marie was born.  Sadly there is no one in this line that carries the name

of Kaighin.


The Kaighins that we visited with are Edna Holder and Helen Kaighin.  Helen has since passed away, but

Edna's son, Roger, is continuing the search.  I believe he has traveled to IOM several times. 


If you will send me your address, I will be happy to send you copies of all the letters and other information

we have.  It is too much to email.  In the meantime I will try to organize all pertinent data to forward to

you.  I am so thrilled that someone is tracing the Kaighin line.  My father always wanted to make a trip to

IOM but never made it.   I wish he could see what you have -- he would be so tickled.


Again, thank you for getting in touch with us.  I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Sincerely, Arula (pronounced Ar-la)


Derald Rust (Arula’s husband)

dhrust at peoplepc.com



Greg my name is Derald Rust and I happen to be married to a Kaighin from Nebraska. Her grandfather was

from the Isle of Mann and for some reason never knew much about his family or at least never passed it on

to my wife's father. We do have some letters from the Isle but not much more. My wife's father's name was

William Kaighin. We do know of a family in Missouri with the Name of Kaighin and we know that some of

their family has traveled to the Isle, but never or at least seems never, made a connection. Don't know

where to go from here but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Derald & Arula (Kaighin) Rust


Donna Bell

belltek at telus.net


Hi Greg

Thank you for all your help so far. I am slowly sorting out my family (Teare and Mylrea). It would have been helpful if they would have thought of different first names for their children. In the William Mylrea (ggrandfather) family there were 3 sons named William-just reused after the death of each son!.

Thank you for forwarding your contact info re John Willy Kaighin.

Do you live on the IOM?


Donna Bell

White Rock, B.C. Canada


Jean Russell

shpmrussell at zen.co.uk


Dear Greg


I come from a family that went out to South Africa in the nineteenth Century. Amongst them is my Great Grandmother, Isobel (or Isabella) Kaighin. We know she was orphaned and brought up with her sisters by an Uncle who may have had the surname John Jouchin who had a son called Charlie. She first came to Bolton as a hatmaker before emigrating to South Africa. She was born in 1864 and died in 1946 in South Africa. She married Frank Theophilus Irons (1866-1943). The family genealogy from there on is pretty up to date if you would be interested.  If information is correct she was a carrier of haemophilia, according to her granddaughter.




Jim Cormode

james.cormode at gmail.com


I’m a relative of Tom Wager with whom I believe you have corresponded about his Kaighin family.  I also knew Tom’s grandfather and spent hours listening to him tell stories. 


Jim Cormode

Elizabeth City, NC


Joleen Keough

beankeough at msn.com


I was wondering if you have anything on Doris Kaighin and her second marriage. She married my Great-

Grandfather, Stanley Douglas in Dec.18th 1919 in Vancouver,BC


Leslie Ferraro

Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

frankleslie at telus.net




Charles Kaighin / Margaret Cannell

Interested in connecting with anyone researching these two individuals in the late 1790's early 1800's

How come in the 1851 census there is s Phil listed as a son? this Phil was born in Malew.

This Philip is who I suspect to be my g-g grandfather, as I can find no other Philip born in Malew, and the

time frame fits my Philip. Could he not be the son of Charles Kaighin?

1851 German, IOM census states:
Charles Kaighin
Margaret (wife)
Hugh (son)
Ann (dau)
Elisabeth (dau)
William (nephew)
Charles (son)
Phil (son)<-- my g-g-grandfather
Is this the same family that you are referring to??
Please let me know

Do you know did your John Kaighin have a brother named Phillip Kaighin who married Ann Comish?  All

my Kaighins came from IOM then to Yorkshire then on to Vancouver, BC!!!


I am trying to find information or descendents of Phillip Kaighin and his wife Ann Comish. Their children are Lenora baptized Mar 3, 1867 in Bride, Isle of Man; Catherine Jane baptized Bride; Phillip John (my g-grandfather); Janetta baptized Sept 20,1874 in St. Matthews, Douglas, Isle of Man and Robina J. Kaighin b abt 1878 in Mirfield, Yorkshire.


Les Kaighin

jlk at kaighinfamily.iom.net

Lives in Kirk Michael, IOM.



Dear Greg,


To work backwards: You have my family correct.  We were married on 12th August 1995 at Bethel Baptist,

 Sutton, Near Haverfordwest in what was then Dyfed but is now Pembrokeshire, Wales. (PRIVATE) and

(PRIVATE) were both born at the Jane Crookal Maternity Unit, Westmoreland Road, Douglas. This has

since moved to a new site in Braddan.  My wife (PRIVATE) was born (PRIVATE) at (PRIVATE).


I have one sibling: (PRIVATE) (Kaighin) Williams. She is married to (PRIVATE) Williams. Married at

Bethel church, (Formally Sea mans mission) Christian Street, Ramsey on 1st November 1986 they have

one daughter and live in Ramsey


My Parents were married in 1964 at Ballaugh Parish Church and lived at Willow Cottage, Ballaugh Curragh

until about 1972.  My father has no siblings.  My parents are both still alive.


My Grandfather's (Edward known as Ned) Siblings: John William Kaighin - never married - no children –

lived at Ballamoar, Jurby. James Kaighin - never married - no children - lived at Ballamoar, Jurby.  Dora

Kaighin - married ? Forsyth - lived at Jurby - 2 children – boy and girl (Hazel - living 2004 married Cyril

Adams - died (early 1990's or late 1980's?) There may have been another sister who went to New York

when young. I shall have to ask my father what he knows of this.


Regarding Castle Lake - there can be some confusion about this - and what I will say now won't really clear

it up!  There are three (3) houses next to each (ie separated by one or two small fields)  other which were

all called Castle Lake until perhaps twenty-five years ago when one was rebuilt and renamed white gables.  

Only one of these houses is in the local government parish of Jurby the other two being in Ballaugh. The

house my parents live in is as I have said just on the Ballaugh side - however a previous vicar of Jurby

parish church called to see my parents and told them that for Church of England purposes their house is

listed as being in Jurby - the boundaries are not the same.


Regarding other place names I wonder if Ballamoar ; Sandygate and Curragh could actually refer to  the

same place? All three terms are not necessarily very specific. Sandygate being a hamlet, Curragh a general

term referring to the wet land extending north from Ballaugh Curragh and Ballamoar being part of the

name of a number of properties. My great uncles lived on a small farm called Ballamoar Beg (about 20 acres

I think). I can remember going there when young. I don't think it had changed much all the years they had

lived there. My great uncle John and grandfather farmed in partnership. I well remember my great uncles

cutting the last field of cereal in the parish with an old binder (pulled by a tractor) because a small bridge

connected some fields and it would not have taken a combine harvester. That would have been in 1973 I

think. I believe there is a picture of this somewhere - my great uncle can be seen using the leavers on the



My Great Grandmother died in approx the late 1930's, I think before my father was born. I have seen the

grave but can not recall the actual date. She was buried in Jurby Churchyard as were my great uncles and

great aunt. My grandparents were buried in Ballaugh churchyard.


Mike Kaighan


William Kaighan father to William John Kaighan, Gini and Martha Was my Great-Grandfather I have very

little info But would appreciate more


William Kaighan was my great-grandfather. I have asked my father if he can remember anything and the

only information he could remember was that he was originally married to a lady called Smythe? and later

married someone called Mary. (my great-grandmother) it seems that not very much is known about my

family ancestry other than that we originated in the Isle of Man.


Nicola Kaighan

nik.kaighan at gmail.com




I'm Nicola Kaighan from Barrow-in-Furness and I'm just emailing to ask for the password to the database.

Thank you,




Paul Kaighan

k4gsn at hotmail.com


Hi Greg
Just looked at some of the links.  Thanks for them - really good.  Some of the information is wrong on my part.  I have two sons no girls - sorry.
Logan Kaighan
Ashton Kaighan
And some more bits on my wife:  Victoria T M Kaighan
Hope this is useful.





Philip Allen

pjallen at btinternet.com


Concerned with Ramsey, Bride and Ballaugh Kaighins.


Robin Douglas Kaighin

robkaighin at msn.com


Hi Greg
         I have just been talking to a Philip Allen who was enquiring about the possible family link with the Kaighins back in 1820.  He mentioned you and said that you had done a detailed study of the Kaighin family tree. Some thirty years ago I researched our Manx history and was able to get back to about 1840.  The Family home was then Ballagarret near Bride. I was wondering if you were able to E-MAIL me anything you have relating to Ballagarret prior to 1840,
and if your have anything after that time that I can match up with my records.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Robin Douglas Kaighin


Ron Kaighin

Rkaighin at sympatico.ca


Date: Saturday, 31 July 2004, at 1:53 a.m.

In Response To: Re: KaighinCannell connection (shirley)

Leslie Erdman, who began this thread, and I are cousins. The email address that I have for her is no longer

valid as we have not corresponded for over 2 years. Can anyone send mine to her or pass hers to me?

Thanks, Ron Kaighin


Shelley Taylor

shell_taylor at hotmail.co.uk


Interested in the family of John Corkish and Bahee Kaighin (born 1703) from Kirk Bride.


Sue Rankin

coco1 at rock.com

Barrow in Furness, England



I have only just started researching but my basic line is as follows backwards from me

Susan Rosina Rankin Born Barrow in Furness

Margaret PRIVATE born Barrow in Furness 1949 m Henry Rankin

Rosina Mickle born Barrow in Furness 1912   m John PRIVATE (poss William john)

Annie Maria Kaighen born Barrow in Furness 1885   m Herbert Mickle born IOM 1876

Charles Kaighen c IOM 1857 ? b IOM 1856

Married in Barrow in Furness 1880 to Eliza Gibbons (died in childbirth 1887

age 27, Annie’s mam)

                           Married Barrow in Furness 1888 to Mary Dick

I am not sure who Charles’ parents were,   possibly Charles and Margaret Lace so I have also contacted Sue Sides

May thanks



Sue Sides

joesue at jsides.freeserve.co.uk

M021du00 at cwcom.net


Charles Kaighin married Margaret Lace 12th April 1856, Ballaugh, father Thomas Kaighin, James Lace.

Their son William Kaighin has a twin brother Phillip born 1862 in Rheu-callin. William served in Halifax,

Nova Scotia and married a Mary Ann Slaughenwhite, 1888, they moved to Barrow in Furness, had family

my GGrandfather another William john Kaigh(a)n 1892, married in 1911 to Mary Ellen Smyth nee Walling,

child also William john Kaighan born 1911 married 1934 to Evelyn Powis, numerous children, my mother

Audrey Kaighan.


I have a WILLIAM KAIGHIN born 1862 in Kirk Michael, father CHARLES, mother MARGARET, I have

found him married in NOVA SCOTIA, serving in the army as a private, are they the CHARLES AND

MARGARET that you are researching.


Sorry it took a while to get back to you, i finally ordered WILLIAM KAIGHIN birth certificate. The General

Registry for the Isle of Man sent two baptisms certificates, one for William and one for his twin brother

Philip, parents, Charles and Margaret, the lived in Kirk Michael, Rheucallin. Are they the Charles and

Margaret that you are searching.


William John Kaighan (my GGrandfather) married MARY ELLEN SMYTH (nee Walling) in 1911 in Barrow in

Furness, Cumbria. If you wish to know a little more about the Kaighan, please e mail me at

joesue at jsides.freeserve.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you.



I am looking for information on a William Kaighan, who married Mary Slangwhite, I have them living in

Barrow in Furness in 1892 when their son William John Kaighan was born


Tim Davis

tdavis64 at austin.rr.com


I have eldest daughter's birth the same but have no information re marriage. For eldest daughter I also have:
1911 Vancouver Directory - Ethel living at home at 1045 Westminster Road working as a Clerk at B.C. Electric Company.
1918 Vancouver Directory- Ethel still employed with BC Electric Railway as a clerk- living at home located at 1045 Kingsway
Fact 1: captain in salvation army
Fact 2: Nurse
Cause of Death: cancer


From  an email:

Hello Greg,
Only a few Kaighins on my tree. I will take the time to try to find a few more from your voluminous information. Thanks for getting in touch again.
Tim Davis

.1 John CANNELL bur.1665 Michael
.1+ Elin CAYNE Cannell (my 9th great grandparents)
..2  Jony CANNELL Quay
..2+ John QUAY m.02 Jun 1691 of Meary Voar, Santon
...3  John QUAY m.23 Jun 1702 Malew
...3+ Ann BRIDSON Quay
....4 Isabel QUAY Kaighin c.09 Aug 1708 Santon bur.29 May 1789 Michael
....4+ John KAIGHIN c.14
Jan 1702 Michael bur.1784 or 1789 Balla Creggey
.....5 Jane KAIGHIN Caine c.30 Jun 1732
.....5+ Daniel CAINE c.15 Aug 1731 Michael d.1794 Ballanaa
......6 Ann CAINE Cannell c.26 Oct 1758 Michael bur.29 Sep 1811 Michael
......6+ William CANNELL m. 11 Jan 1791 Michael bur.19 Jan 1811 Michael
.......7 Margaret CANNELL Kaighin c.17 Aug 1800 Michael d.09 Jul 1871
.......7+ Charles KAIGHIN c.24 Jan
1790 Michael m.23 Dec 1820 Michael


Todd Kaighin

t.kaighin at rogers.com


Hello from Toronto, Ontario!


I am Todd Randall Kaighin, son of Ronald Fredrick Kaighin and Sheila Marguerite (nee PRIVATE) Kaighin.  My parents were raised in Barrie, Ontario.


I would like to request a password so that I may look at the genealogy database. 


Thanks in advance,



Tom Wagner

thoswagner at yahoo.com

Descended from James Joseph Kaighin who emigrated to Atchison, Kansas.


Amy Kaighin

From Facebook


Just married Thomas P. Kaighin Jr. last year.  I believe Thomas Sr.'s family came out of Toledo and/or Seattle.  And I think Charles Thomas Kaighin still lives near Toledo?


Barbara Sofer

bickford1 at amertech.net


Hi - I found your very extensive information, Thank you.  I have just started serious input into my family tree.  My great grandmother was Catherine Kaighin, married John W. Fix, my grandmother was Ida Margaret Fix married to Charles C. Klingman, my mother was Kathryn Laverne Klingman married to Paul Theodore Eisele, and I am Barbara Eisele Sofer.  I don't know if I have any information to contribute, but as a child, my mother and grandmother would take me to Riverside Cemetery to help plant geraniums on the Fix and Klingman graves.  I tried to enter your data base, but it required a password,  If your research is still ongoing and I can be of assistance, please let me know,

Sincerely, Barbara Sofer, Concord Township, OH


Cynde Liekhus

amazon1021 at yahoo.com


Do you post any pictures on your site?  I have some pictures of Josephine (my great-grandmother) and

her twin sister Hazel.


I am really enjoying your site, thanks so much for all your hard work.


Claudia Breland

ccbreland at comcast.net



   I just found your website (while searching for The Kaighins of Kirk Michael), and I’m very interested in

seeing your database of names.  I’m descended from John Kaighin and Eleanor Cannell, who came to

America around 1826.  Their youngest daughter Margaret married John Varran (of France) and lived in

NYC until she died in the Bronx in August 1918.  She was my grandmother’s great-grandmother.  I believe

that Margaret’s older brothers Philip, William and Thomas settled in Ohio.


Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Dan Pintner

danp1112 at alltel.net


Brother of Jim Pintner below.


David Bagley

d.bagley at simpatico.ca


Looked the Kaighin family you have on my line and found that generation 1 is different. I have no

Thomas being the head of the family.  John was born 1768 marries at 1797 his brothers and sisters were

Margaret  1770, Ann 1775, Charles,1778, William 1783, Catherine 1786. Their father was John born 1715,

he marries  Elizabeth Knickel in 1766. They farmed at Kerroo Glass. His brothers and sisters were Joney

1717, Leonara  1718, Catherine1721 who marries Thomas Cannell, Alice1724, Henry 1726, and Margaret

1730. Their  father was also a John b1685 who marries Alice Boddaugh of Kirk German.  It seems funny

but was John married twice? Who is Thomas and how did he get in the picture?


Diane Jenuleson

mitziodell at sbcglobal.net


Great Granddaughter of Margaret Christian Kaighin and Robert Cubbon


Hi Greg

This one made it! Not sure where the other messages ended up...  Nice to hear from you. I have some photos my mother gave me which I will gladly send you. Do you prefer the originals? I have a scanner which is not connected but can get that running (I think). Love to help you either way.



Jenifer Payne Williams

jeniferwilliams at cheqnet.net




I'm working on a family history and came across your website.  My GG Grandfather is Thomas Gale Kaighin.  My GG Grandmother is "Minnie" Wilhelmina Hazelman...your records show it as Hasselman.  My Great Grandmother is Effie Laura Kaighin Smith.  I was born in Toledo in 1956.  My parents are Joyce (MacKenzie) and Jim Payne.  My mom is the daughter of Dorothy Wilhelmina Smith (Effie's oldest child) and Howard MacKenzie. 


My dad, who passed away this year, left me with a large amount of fairly well chronicled family genealogy. Anything I might be able to fill in for you I'd be happy to research!  I may have some questions for you as I put together my history.  Wow! 


I just found your site this evening and will take a good look at it as time permits. I just wanted to introduce myself and say "hello" to a family member that I didn't know I had.


Best to you,


Jenifer Payne Williams


Jennifer Kaighin-Porter

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I wanted to provide more information for the Kaighin family. My maiden name is Kaighin, I live in Savannah, GA. My father is Thomas Preston Kaighin from Toledo, Ohio. My mother's maiden names is Kennedy. I have a brother named Thomas Preston Kaighin, Jr., who lives in Savannah, GA. I also have a half brother, Charles Thomas Kaighin, who I believe lives in Canada.


Jim Casadevall

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Looking for info on Thomas and Wilomena Kaighin and their daughter Pearl b. 1891 Cleveland, Ohio. Pearl married John Wesley Hughes of Toledo





Jim Kaighin

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The Bahamas


Curious to what you have found - looking for Kaighin’s from Warren, Ohio - as far as I can go back is my Great Grandfather Howard James Kaighin





Jim Pintner

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Thank you Greg. My aunt Kathlyn (Kay), dad (Roland)'s sister, first mentioned you and your family research. I can't imagine the work necessary, but I can imagine the feeling when you get names of your ancestors, and theirs, and theirs, and theirs along with locations from around the world. In fact, I'm looking through old envelopes of stuff right now, and getting a glimpse into the past. House deeds, burial receipts, letters, and tons of pictures. Thoughts, memories and revelations. It's thought provoking and enlightening. I was just wondering if you're still compiling information. If so, I may have some missing names and dates for you. Let me know and I'll send them to you. And, thank you again for your thoughtful reply. It was timely and appreciated, especially from a family member. Little bits of him live on through us.


All the best,

Jim Pintner

PS. Are we cousins?


John Dungan



I am trying to trace the ancestors of my Father's mother (Ruth Summers)--whose mother's (Josephine

Kaighin) family came from the Isle of Man. The following is a record of all the information I have so far on

the Kaighins (and related families) from the Isle of Man. I am interested in information and/or stories

about any of the people in this family, and in tracing all of the branch trees back, and also in tracing them

forward. I would love to correspond with other descendants of this family who are still on the Isle of Man.


Ancestors of Josephine Kaighin

Generation No. 1
1. Josephine Kaighin, born April 30, 1861; died June 1940 in Cleveland, OH, at home.. She was the daughter

 of 2. Phillip Kaighin and 3. Jane Maria Gale. She married (1) David Otis Summers March 12, 1884 in

Cleveland, OH. He was born June 14, 1860, and died February 14, 1939 in Florida. He was the son of Daniel

Summers and Mary Jane Wherry.
More About David Otis Summers:
Occupation: Worked for Sterling and Welsh as a young man.

Generation No. 2
2. Phillip Kaighin (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, Corner section--from the genealogical library of

Isle of Man in Douglass, information in the center circle and the first ring is from the Kaighin family Bible.

Additional information is from personal acquaintance with family members ro from relatives. Information

in the corners is from the Parish records, which are on microfilm in the Genealogical Library of the Isle of

Man Museum in Douglas.), born June 17, 1815 in Isle of Man; died January 18, 1884. He was the son of 4.

John Kaighin and 5. Eleanor Cannell. He married 3. Jane Maria Gale October 28, 1845 in Brooklyn, N.Y.

(Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart.).

3. Jane Maria Gale (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, Corner section--genealogical Library of the

Isle of Man.), born January 11, 1824 in St. George-Douglas on Isle of Man; died January 04, 1911. She was

the daughter of 6. John Gale and 7. Eleanor Brew.

Child of Phillip Kaighin and Jane Gale is:
1 i. Josephine Kaighin, born April 30, 1861; died June 1940 in Cleveland, OH, at home; married David Otis

Summers March 12, 1884 in Cleveland, OH.

Generation No. 3
4. John Kaighin, born April 02, 1777 in Isle of Man. He was the son of 8. Thomas Kaighin and 9. Margaret

Quayle. He married 5. Eleanor Cannell.
5. Eleanor Cannell, born July 25, 1779 in Isle of Man. She was the daughter of 10. John Cannell and 11.

Joney Caine.
Children of John Kaighin and Eleanor Cannell are:
i. Elizabeth Kaighin, born September 02, 1798 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, Elizabeth (Betsie)

Knight b. 9-02-1798.).
ii. John Kaighin, born January 30, 1800 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, John b. 1-30-1800.).
iii. Eleanor Kaighin, Jr., born October 28, 1801 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, Eleanor (Ellen)

Kelley b. 10-28-1801.).
iv. William Kaighin, born December 21, 1803 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, William b. 12-21-

v. Ann Kaighin, born September 29, 1805 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, Ann b. 9-29-1805, d.

vi. Jane Kaighin, born February 01, 1807 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, Jane Corlett b. 2-01-

vii. Ann Kaighin, born August 02, 1809 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, Ann Williams b 8-02-

viii. Charles Kaighin, born June 03, 1811 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, Charles b. 6-03-1811.).

ix. Elizabeth Margaret Kaighin, born May 08, 1813 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, Elizabeth

Margaret Varren b. 5-08-1813.).

2 x. Phillip Kaighin, born June 17, 1815 in Isle of Man; died January 18, 1884; married Jane Maria Gale

October 28, 1845 in Brooklyn, N.Y.
xi. James Kaighin, born August 19, 1817 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, James b. 08-19-1817.).

xii. Thomas Kaighin, born February 20, 1820 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, Thomas b. 2-20-

6. John Gale, born in Isle of Man. He married 7. Eleanor Brew.
7. Eleanor Brew, born August 1786 in Isle of Man.
Children of John Gale and Eleanor Brew are:
i. John Gale (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, John.).
ii. William Gale (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, William Gale (Remained on the Isle of Man).
iii. Margaret Gale, born March 21, 1819 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, Margaret Corlett b. 3-21-

1819 (Marown Church).
iv. Henry Gale, born July 27, 1821 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, Henry b. 7-27-1819. (Kirk

3 v. Jane Maria Gale, born January 11, 1824 in St. George-Douglass on Isle of Man; died January 04, 1911;

married Phillip Kaighin October 28, 1845 in Brooklyn, N.Y.
vi. James Gale, born December 28, 1828 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, James b. 12-28-1828

(St. Georges-Douglas).).
vii. Robert Gale, born September 25, 1831 (Source: Florence Lyon Genealogy Chart, Robert b. 9-25-1831

(St. George’s--Douglas).).


Karen Kaighin

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I like the idea of Kaighins living in Hawaii. Someone wised up. I live in Pittsburgh, the granddaughter of a Cleveland Kaighin. I wish I had clicked on your family tree web site before it went down. Sounds interesting.



Karen Kaighin


Kathlyn A. “Kay” Stafford

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Granddaughter of Charles Wesley Kaighin and Anna L. Winkler


Ken Kaighin

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My name's Kenneth Merle Kaighin III, or just Ken.  I came across your site googling for some relatives and
noticed you were looking for information regarding the Kaighins of the Toledo area.  I couldn't access your 
database file to see if everyone below was already included (password protected), but here's a run down of 
the Kaighins in my immediate family:
Bonnie Kaighin married Terry Kaper; son John and daughter Laura
Keith Kaighin married Margaret (?); son Keith and daughter Kelly
Kirk Kaighin married Paula (?); sons Scott, Nicholas, Thomas and daughter Hayden
Ken Merle Kaighin Jr. (deceased) married Paula Sue PRIVATE; sons Kenneth Merle Kaighin, Kevin
Matthew Kaighin, Patrick Harmon Kaighin, and Sean Thomas Kaighin.


Kirk Matthew Kaighin

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Hi, my name is Kirk Matthew Kaighin. My father was Kenneth M. Kaighin Sr. of Toledo, Ohio. I have a sister, 58, brother died feb.22 1988, and a brother 52.  Please feel free to contact me anytime if I can contribute.


Linda Leyden-Bernal

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The reason I write is that my husband and I are leaving for Paris on Thursday and I looked up my grandmother's family tree records, since we may take a side trip to Rouen where I knew some family had originated from.  What a surprise to find what I did on your site.


I will send you the information which my grandmother had in her files, her name was Lillian Hanora Gertrude Corrigan Gillespie.


Here's the listing of family names and dates from her files.


John Kaighin and Eleanor Cannel Kaighin

         Born Isle of Man about 1774 and 1776

         Married about 1796


      John Kaighin (Jr.)

      Jane Kaighin Corlett born Jan. 1, 1801     

      Elizabeth Kaighin Knight

      Ellen Kaighin Crane

      William Kaighin

      Ann Kaighin Williams born Aug. 16,1809

      Charles Kaighin

      Philip Kaighin

      James Kaighin

      Thomas Kaighin born 1818

      Margaret Kaighin born May 18, 1825. Came to America Aug. 1825.


John Kaighin died about 1830,buriedat Oyster Bay NY

      Eleanor Cannel Kaighin died about 1860, buried in Greenwood Cemetery NY

      John Kaighin (Jr.) died Isle of Man     

      Jane Kaighin Corlett died, age 99 yrs.3 mos, buried Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Westchester, NY

      Elizabeth Kaighin Knight buried Greenwood Cemetery

      William Kaighin died, buried Cleveland, Ohio

      Ann Kaighin Williams died, buried Greenwood Cemetery

      Charles Kaighin died, buried Greenwood Cemetery

      Philip Kaighin died, buried Cleveland, Ohio

      James Kaighin died, buried Greenwood Cemetery

      Thomas Kaighin died, buried Los Angeles  CA

      Margaret Kaighin Varran died Aug. 9,1918, buried Cypress Hills Cemetery, NY


Thank you for all the information you've researched and for making it available.






Rachael Kaighin-Shields

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Hello Greg, 


I happened upon your Kaighin genealogy website, and I was amazed at all the work you've done.  Very interesting stuff.  I found my family there - my mom is Karen Kaighin - but I just want to let you know that my first name was spelled wrong - it's Rachael. 


Thanks and good luck with your project. 


Rachael Kaighin-Shields 


Rob Doughty

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Date: Monday, 21 August 2000, at 2:52 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Charles Kaighin/Margaret Cannell (Susan Sides)

I am looking for information on my great great grandmother, Margaret Kaighan who was born on the Isle of Man in the 1820s. She came to America and married John Christopher Varran in New York. He was from Rouen, France. She lived into her nineties and I believe she died in Pennsylvania.


Sandie Kaighin

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As you can see I am a Kaighin too and would love to know the history of the Kaighin family


Sandy Kaighin

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Another descendant of the other Cleveland Kaighins.  Adopted sister of above Jim Kaighin



I am part of a large Kaighin family that originated out of Isle of Man, as well. Once established in the US the

family grew out of Warren, OH and surrounding areas. If this is of any interest to you. Please feel free to

email me. Sandy Kaighin- Tampa, FL


Stephanie Sortor

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My name is Stephanie Sortor, maiden name Kaighin.  My dad is Steven Kaighin and my grandfather is Clifford Kaighin.  I think this is a very interesting site and would like to look into it more. Please email me the password for this site. Thank you.


Stephanie (Kaighin) Sortor


Steve Kaighin

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My name is Steven L. Kaighin.  My parents are Clifford L Kaighin & Rose Marie Kaighin.  We are from

Toledo, Ohio. My grandparents are Clifford & Mona Kaighin from 1391 Grand Ave. Toledo, Ohio


Steve Kaighin


Charles Thomas “Tom” Kaighin

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I'm just starting this mess, and am somewhat bereft of living known relatives to get info from so I am

assuming a slow and torturous process. Feel free to assist if you can, all assistance welcome and appreciated


Trisha Kaighin

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Greetings Greg!
I randomly stumbled upon your website and checked it out. I also noticed that you are looking to hear from

the clan from Toledo. Although, I live in Columbus, OH, the rest of my relatives still live in Toledo. I think

my grandfather Clifford Kaighin would be very interested in your website. I plan on mentioning it to him

and hopefully he will contact you. I know a while back some members of our family researched the family

tree. So hopefully he has that info and it can be of some assistance to you. I believe my grandpa also has

info on Kenneth and Yvonne Kaighin of the Toledo area too.
Well, so here is some background on Cliff and Rose Kaighin….

4 sons beginning with the oldest Steve, Dave, Cliff Jr., and Bill
1 daughter, youngest - Laurie
Steve and Ann
3 daughters - Stephanie, Angie, and Victoria; 1 son - Matthew
Dave and Tina
1 son and 1 daughter - Derek and Trisha
Cliff Jr and Jill
2 daughters - Tiffany and Dana
Laurie and Dennis Dixon
2 sons - Josh and Sean


William G. Kaighin

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I am very interested in the family tree.


Have you ever thought of having a Kaighin family reunion?


My Grand father was James Alfred Kaighin,

3 sons Alfred, Ralph and Eugene, and my dad Arthur.

There was a daughter I think died at 19 years, not positive.


William Kaighin


Amanda Manning

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I am trying to find more info on Elizabeth Kaighin, born 1815 in Isle of Man. She married Thomas Hampton

in 1839 and had 7 children. Does anyone know who her parents were, or other siblings? Any help would be

greatly appreciated ! Thanks


Barb Bodily

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My name is Barb Bodily.  I am related to the Kaighins through John Kaighin (1855) from Isle of Man.  His daughter Annie Madaline Kaighin married Robert Lewis Wheeler ...that's our link. 


I would love to see the data base you have on the Kaighin family if you would like to share it.


Barb Kaighin

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Will check on the dates you have listed. I know there was a John Kaighin as a grandfather or great grandfather


Elaine Hollenbeck Russell

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Hi Greg,


I am thrilled to hear from you and very interested in your ancestry records regarding my great grandmother, Anne Kaighin Wheeler. You can e-mail you file to this e-mail address.  Thanks very much for willing to share. 




Elaine Hollenbeck Russell


Julia Berry

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I can tell you that I come from John Beddow Kaighin. My Grandfather is Luther Thomas Kaighin, and my mother is Carol Marlene Kaighin (Tinker). She was born Oct. XXXXX. She had a brother, Luther Le Otis Kaighin (deceased) and a sister, Marsha Elizabeth Kaighin (deceased). I can get you more information after I talk to my Mom. My Grandfather just lost his sister, Dorothy, this year.  I have a sister, Marla Jerene Tinker (Melius), born June XXXXX, and a brother, Brian Wesley Tinker, born April XXXXX. My aunt and uncle had no children so there are no more Kaighin's from this branch, and no other children, except my sister and mine.   That's all for now. I live in Portland, Oregon. I hope to meet up with Jack when we visit next year. I believe he is in touch with my Mom's cousins that live in Houston, Missouri - Roger and Peggy Holder.
Thanks again!




Justin Kaighin

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Hope this helps a Little.

This is mostly based on my Mother and her children, but also gives a brief detail of her sister and brothers.

All born of Donald C Kaighin and Myrtle "Nadine" (Evans) Kaighin.  From the First Marriage of Donald

Charles Kaighin  and Nadine Evans there were 4 children.   


Here they are.


Tony Kaighin is Married and has 3 kids.   Veronica, Xavier, and Monica ( not sure on the spelling)

Tammy Kaighin has 3 kids.   Shawna, Krista, Alyissa (not sure on the spelling.)

Trena Kaighin has 3 kids.  Jacob, Nicole, and Justin.  She married Robin Charles (deceased) Jacob, Nicole,

and Trena still have the Charles name.  Justin is a Kaighin.

Tracy Kaighin has 1 kid. Austin.  Tracy was married to Kelly

Justin Kaighin son of Trena Kaighin ( daughter of Donald Charles

Kaighin  and Nadine Evans  )  Has 1 Son. Brennon Kaighin

Trena Kaighin (mother)    Scott Williams (father)                                                                                                    

Justin Kaighin (son)

Trena Kaighin (Mother) married  Robin Charles (Father)(deceased)

Jacob Charles (son) Nicole Charles (daughter)                                   

Justin Kaighin (father) married (now Divorced)   Courtney Kaighin (Mother)

Brennon Kaighin (son)




Kenneth R. Kaighin

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I'm Ken Kaighin son of John F Kaighin in Longview, WA and need to know what I need to add to your site.




Brian Kaighin

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Hi Greg and many thanks for the contact. 

I researched my ancestors many years ago and discovered that we originated from the Isle of Mann as I believe all Kaighins do. My direct line goes to about 1700.  As I come across new Kaighins I log them onto my Excel list with so far over 768 names there.  Quite by accident I discovered that only one Kaighin came to South Africa who I think was a Margaret but as she did not fit into my tree I did not log her in.  Please let me have your line as you never know we could well be cousins.





John Clague Kaighin

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Hi Greg,


Thanks for your email, (09/01/09). I would be delighted to assist in any way I can and will willingly give my DNA to the project, but need to know how to proceed. Please advise.  Please keep me informed on your work to date, and of any progress as I am intrigued by genealogical tracing. (Being of Manx descent, we probably have some Viking DNA). I look forward to hearing from you soon.


All the best Greg, (What's Aloha in Manx?)


John Kaighin

Birkenhead, U.K.


John Wade

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Dear Greg


My cousin Sally Sprung has previously given you some details regarding her side of the Kaighin family and, for

my sins, I am also from that side. I am the John she refers to in her outline of the family. My mother was

Mona Esther Kaighin sister of Sally’s grandfather William Clague Kaighin (born 21st February 1903).  I attach a

file showing “my side” of the family.   I trust the above is self explanatory but should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards


John Wade


Sally Sprung (Kaighin)

Sallysprung at aol.com


William Kaighin was my GGGF.  His son John Kaighin b1879/80, married Edith Mona Clague b1877/8, at the

parish church of Kirk Braddan, IOM on 16/04/00. Children William Clague Kaighin b21/02/03 in the IOM

and Mona Esther Kaighin b 03/02/16 in Birkenhead.


Vicky Kaighin

m.kaighin at ntworld.com


Sister of Sally Sprung


Fran Gillam

frangillam at in-hausassociates.co.uk


Dear Greg

My maiden name was Kaighin. I was born in the Isle of Man, my father was Edward Kaighin and my mother

Margaret McQuillan, my grandfather Ernest – he was a tailor in Kirk Michael and his wife was Margaret


Best wishes

Fran Gillam nee Kaighin           




My maiden name was Kaighin. My Father used to talk of the name Kaighin being originally a Viking name such

as MacEachan meaning son of the horse lord. I am not sure of this having any substance but certainly the Isle of

Man was invaded by Norse people who settled on the island. My father's mother's name was Kerruish. The

family lived in Kirk Michael and my grandfather was a tailor.


Tim Callister
timmyc at manx.net
My name is Tim Callister and I just found your link. My mother is Pat Kaighin from Kirk Michael and my aunt is 
Viorrey.  Both are alive and well.  My mum is still in Kirk Michael and my Aunt is now in Ballaugh. I would like 
to know more about the Kaighins so would very much like to get in touch with you.  
Tim Callister


Alisoun MacDermid

alisoun at fastmail.fm


Hi Greg,
Do you know about the author John Richard Kaighin who wrote pieces for the Birkenhead newspaper and

published two books but one must have been racist or anti-Semitic and had disappeared. The other of which

people were more proud appears on his tombstone. In the book he talks of Mr. Philip Kaighin who had 2

unmarried children who ran a hardware and toy shop. He was a cooper by trade but believed in temperance and

was also a Wesleyan preacher. Do you know anything about this side of the Kaighin Family?


Andrew William Kaighin

uptherobins2 at hotmail.co.uk


From Facebook:

Yes, William John Kaighin and Ursala Ann Kaighin are my grandparents to confirm. They had two sons and two

daughters, William David Kaighin, my father who lives in Cheltenham with me. John Kaighin living in London

shortly moving to Canada. Gillian Kaighin (Lambden) living on the Island and Judith Kaighin (Anderson) also

on island. William David Kaighin has one child, myself! John has no children neither has Gillian. Judith has two

children with one partner Sophie, Kirstie Anderson and a son with another Edward Davis.

Hope this helps!


Annette Kaighin

akaighin at douglas.gov.im


Gemma and Karl Kaighin parents David Christopher Kaighin and Annette Helen Kaighin.  My husbands

father is David Kaighin his brother Jack Kaighin (Laxey).  Also Gamma has a son Ethan James Kaighin and

Karl’s son is Joshua David Kaighin Gleave.  Hope this is a help.

Annette Kaighin


Hilary Morgan

Loaghtyn at aol.com


Hello. My name is Hilary Morgan and I am the daughter of William Sidney Kinley. My Dad (born 1893) was the 
8th child of Edward Kinley and Ann Jane Kaighin. They lived at Knochsharry Farm, Peel on the road to Kirk 
Michael, past Llergydhoo Methodist Chapel, which was where they worshipped, and just opposite the turning for 
the Switchback road.


Ann and Jack Kaighin

kaighin at manx.net


Both members of the Isle of Man Family History Society


Karl Kaighin

karl.kaighin at mea.gov.im


Hi Greg,

Sandra Kaighin sent me an email with the link to your site today; my sister Gemma and I are on your list of

strays. Just let me know whatever you need from me and I’ll sort it.  Your site seems very interesting; I’ve also

looked into family coats of arms before in the museum etc., definitely not done as much research as you though. 

I was hoping you’d have some information on Onchan Kaighin’s as I was told there was a Kaighin’s Farm up in

Birch Hill many years ago, explaining why the lane from the Onchan Scout hut running up to Birch Hill is called

Kaighin’s Lane, being an Onchan Kaighin myself.  Well keep up the good work let me know if you need anything.




Robert Clinton

robandliz at xtra.co.nz.


Looking for information on Isabella Kaighin born approx 1795 and died 6.3.1837


Roy William Kaighin

maestro_canada at yahoo.com



Hi. My name is Roy Kaighin.
Unfortunately I don't have a reply to your question. However, you never know when one contact will lead to

another. I was adopted by a William Kaighin who was born in Ballaugh on 23 Nov 1891. I don't know if you'll be

able tie in this person with your records.
Good luck and best wishes,

Roy W. Kaighin


Diane Alton-Kaighin (Roy’s wife)

dianeak_deepcove at yahoo.com


I would love to help you with what little information I have. I am a Kaighin by marriage and spend most of my

time working on my family...endless work; however, I have worked a bit on my husbands.
His father, William Kaighin, was born in Ballaugh in
1891. He died when Roy was eleven at the age of 71.
Needless to say the vast age gap left Roy with little
knowledge of any other family members despite the fact
he lived on IOM until about the age of nine.
At the moment I can't find my documentation of the
Kaighins but you probably know more about his family
 I'll pass your e-mail address on to Roy as I am sure he would love to have contact.
Diane Alton-Kaighin


Anne Parks

anne.parks at adelphia.net


Dear Greg,

I do not have much of my Grandmother’s information, but here is what I have: She spelled the name Kaighn (it was always pronounced like Kaine in the household)

1       Bertha Land Gilbert    

..              +William Perry Kaighn  

........        2       Mildred English Kaighn  1911 - 1994

............            +Archie Ambrose Dilley  1902 - 1970

...................     3       Margaret Linda Dilley   PRIVATE

.............................   4       Anne Elizabeth Dilley   PRIVATE


Bob Christine

Bchrighn at aol.com



I would be interested in information about Kaighns from the Camden County Area. My mother was Eddenna William Kaighn, daughter of Edward James Kaighn, son of William Henry Kaighn, son of James Kaighn who was one the children of Elias Kaighn, Sr. I have a lot of material including data from Camden City directories, Census reports, data from Camden cemetery microfilms, etc. I am very much interested in what you have.


Brad Kaighn

bkaighn23 at aim.com


Hi, my name is Brad Kaighn. I was searching for my family history and stumbled across your website. I live in Westville, NJ (5 minutes from Philadelphia). Thank you for posting this on the internet so I can learn more, please email me back so I can keep in touch.


Brian [Kaighn] Remmey

bokr00 at yahoo.com



I offer two references, the first, my heritage, traced to the IOM as follows: John Kaighn came to America from the Isle of Man sometime prior to 1688 and first settled at or near Perth Amboy. He was the son of Jane Kaighen of Kirk Andrew, a town in the north of the Isle. Clement mentions other members of his family in England as follows: a brother Charles; a sister Ellen, and a brother-in-law, Daniel Lane. (from John Clement's "John Kaighin and some of his Descendants" The Historical Sketch of Camden, New Jersey.) The second, the lineage of Elizabeth Kaighin, second wife of President John Taylor, traced to Thomas Kaighin, born about 1576 at Kirk Michael. (from Archibald Bennett's "The Kaighin Family" of the IOM.)



My ancestor is George B.'s older brother, William Simpson Kaighn who married Nancy S. McElroy. I'd be interested in sharing information as well.


I had not seen the Adams letter before and am intrigued by it.  Separated from my records by being over here, I am curious if the John Kaighn referenced in the letter, is the son of John II, my ancestor, who had moved to Philadelphia; or is it the son of James from NJ?  I recall reading that John II had left the congregation and moved to Gloucester Twp and died in 1749, and John III had married in the Episcopal church 1762 and would not be still of the Quaker “Perswasion.”  Did I miss an answer in Boyer’s history?


Thank you,



Christa Kaighn

chriskaig at gmail.com



On your website you specified that the Kaighn family tree is branched from NJ.  If you don't mind, I would love some follow up information about my family tree.



Christa Kaighn


Clarene Burke

liv4travl at aol.com



Hi Sandie....Hope this gets to you. I tried emailing you but it was returned.
I am just starting to research the Kaighin family....Have you learned any of their history????....
I am related to a Cynthia Kaighin b abt 1725 m to Felix (Phelime)Hughes......
I haven't found very much information on the Kaighin family yet....
Will pass on any new info as I am able to find it.


Debbie Kaighn

ckaighn at aol.com


I am looking for information re: Charles Kaighn who was married to Beulah in Oklahoma. He worked for the railroad and moved to Tucumcari, NC. He was living there when he died (I do not know the exact year but was in the 1900's, approximately 1942). The family originated in Camden, NJ where Kaighn Point is named after this family line.


Derek Johnston

quoddy at gmail.com


Created web page www.kaighn.org


I have located your website and was impressed with what I found.  I have no problem with you including info about me or using info that you found on my site.


I married into the Kaighn family 20 years ago and divorced out of the family 12 years ago.  Despite this my ex and I are good friends and I have enjoyed working on the family tree.  I'm finishing up college now and never bothered to renew my site dues but will in the future (1 - 2 years).


Diane DeMore

dmdemore at medfordnj.com



Can't say I am related here, but, my husband Has KAIGHN, HINCHMAN, COLLINS, MATLACK AND Halvsies on the MICKLE. He actually descends from a William KAIGH(I)N and Charity COLLINS. I have been unable to find anything on this William as far as a date of birth or parentage. I am sure he comes from the Isle of man, or a father does. Perhaps related to John (whom I have researched extensively, prior to finding the correct lineage) John is reported to be the son of John KAIGHIN c. 1635-1701 and Jane CANNELL??-March 1714/15 and siblings Joseph, Beth, Charles, William, Elinor, Philip, Joney, Philip, Gilbert and Ellen - of whom his mother speaks of her marriage in a letter. To my knowledge this is not proven.  My husband connects mainly to Joseph HINCHMANs line but cross marriages make him related to John also. And of course, because of the father my husband is his own cousin.  Anyone wanting to swap some info or just talk about this can email me at dmdemore at medfordnj.com or just reply to the list.


Greg Kaighn

Gregory.Kaighn at mildenhall.af.mil


Well I am in this tree or should be.  My parents are Robert Kaighn Sr and Alverna Kaighn (PRIVATE).  My brother is Robert Kaighn Jr.  I am married to Patti Kaighn( PRIVATE) and have two sons Alan (step-son) and James Kaighn who is my son.  Just interested in what you have, I just happened to be bored at work and googled my name, your site came and I would like a password to your master list. I am from New Jersey although I can see that by the way this site is laid out you probably know that by the spelling of my last name.


Jack Dole

jdole56233 at aol.com


From www.kaighn.org descended from John Kaighin and Sarah Dole


James Kaighn Robinson

jrobinson at lexpharma.com



My name is James Kaighn Robinson and I am interested in exploring the database from your website.  Can you please send me the password, and let me know how I can contact the individuals managing the New Jersey branch?  My grandfather was George Scattergood Kaighn, and we trace our ancestry back to the Bartrams of Philadelphia, who were a notable family in the early days of the American Revolution.




Jeanette Hughes

jmhughes63 at hotmail.com



Anyone have information on a Cynthia Kaighn, who married Felix Hughes? They were married in Loudoun Co., VA in 1748.  Felix was born in Donegal, Ireland 1723. Have no info on Cynthia.


Joan Kaighn

njgranny at msn.com


This branch of the Kaighn family in Camden, New Jersey seems to have started in the mid 1600s by John Kaighin, who emigrated from Kirk German, Isle of Man and who was a member of the Quaker church in this country.   I know that his mother was Jane Cannell and his father, John, was an educated man and a leader in the Kirk German parish, IOM.  I will send you what info I have.  My grandfather was John Lord Kaighn. The spelling changed to "Kaighn" in the 1700s.  A map of Camden shows the spelling as Kaighin in 1745.   I visited the Isle of Man in 1985 and again in 2000 and I fell in love with the country. 


Sincerely,  Joan A. Kaighn




My ancestor, John Kaighin emigrated to New Jersey from the Isle of Man in 1633.  I think that our families are probably connected even though the spelling is a little different.


John Griscom

kreb42 at mediaone.net


From www.kaighn.org descended from John Kaighin and Sarah Dole


Margaret Miles

p2miles at starpower.net


Hi Greg


Thanks very much for your message.  Rebecca has been one of the more difficult of my father's all-New England ancestors… a very stubborn holdout. The Charles Kaighn I mentioned was likely Rebecca's brother, given the dates and the location of Newport, and the paucity of that name in all of Rhode Island. I had considered perhaps she was the daughter of a later immigrant, although I could not find any evidence to support this. Thanks very much also for the link to Boyer's book; I will go through it carefully to see what I can find, and will certainly let you know if and when I find anything that connects Rebecca to immigrant John Kaighn.




Martha Zimmerman

zimfarm at incleodusa.com



Searching for information re: Cynthia Kaighin who married Felix Hughes in Virginia or Maryland early 1700's


Melanie Ellingson

melanie at iea.com


From www.kaighn.org descended from Maurice Edward Kaighn


Ray A. Kaighn

rkaighn at uswest.net

ray.kaighn at hill.af.mil



This is the first I have been on the board.  Ron, I spent time at Hamline University in St. Paul Mn. Raymond P. Kaighn was the Athletic Director and other stuff at Hamline. I have documents and pictures of Raymond which were collected by the University when they celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Game!!!! I think you above all would be interested in this information.
Let's talk.


Robert Kaighn

Rkaighn at yahoo.com


Hello Cousin! I just came across your website and figured I'd drop you a line.  I am Robert Joseph Kaighn, Jr. of the New Jersey Branch (Robert Sr., Russell, John Lord, William, George B., Elias, etc).  I have met Bob Christine and corresponded with Joan Kaighn.  I'd be happy to pass along any info I can, although most of what I have is in the document on the website.  One interesting cousin of ours was Raymond P. Kaighn. Attached is something I've written about him. Enjoy


Rob Kaighn


Ronald W. Sauerbrey

sauerbrey at juno.com


Hi Rob, I have some info on the Kaighn family from the Camden NJ area. Raymond P. Kaighn was my great-great Uncle. If you don't mind giving out your email address, I'll email it to you, rather than try to type it in this small space, or if you want, I can Fax it to you.


Tim Nirella

catgrace at aol.com

timnirella at nirella.com


My Grandmother was Vera Swyler Kaighn Nirella her Father was Wilford M. Kaighn, married to Mamie (Swyler) Kaighn. From the Camden, NJ area. My Uncle Vincent Kaighn Nirella gave me this info. He lives in Middletown, NJ. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Uncle Vince also said that the Kaighn family came over on the Mayflower with William Penn and the Cooper family, who founded the Cooper's


From Bob Christine:
Hi cousin;
Let me tell you how we are related. My G-G-Grandfather is James S. Kaighn, 4th child of Elias Kaighn, Sr. and Mary Shillingford. James (of Clarksboro, Gloucester County, NJ) was married to Mary Watson, of Hurffville, Gloucester county, and they had two Sons, John Jackson Kaighn and William Henry Kaighn. You are descended from John Jackson and I am descended from William Henry. He was my Great-Grandfather.
I am very glad to make your acquaintance.

My mother had a half-brother, Francis Kaighn, who did a lot of work on the family, and who passed away before I had chance to get the information form. I happened to go to the Camden County Historical Society one day and found a copy of his work, which incidentally showed Vincent Nirella and Danny Nirella as children of Vera Kaighn and Danny Nirella, children of Wilfred M. Kaighn and Mary Tanier.
 Goes to show it's a small world.  I'll be glad to swap information with you.

Sincerely, Bob Christine, Thursday, Jan.13,2000


Alan Gorry

alan at alangorry.wanadoo.co.uk


Hello Greg 

I don't know why I've not found your site before today but I'm impressed and (almost) tempted to do a similar thing for the Gorry family.  Would you please give me access to your database in which I have high hopes of finding the family of my paternal great grandmother Mary Kaighin, bc1814 [LDS], m Thomas Gorr(e)y 20 June 1835 [KG parish register No 189 page 6], d 17 Nov 1866 [lawsons.ca burials list]. In the 1851 Census she is said to have been born in Douglas


Alan Gorry


Andrew Nicholson

andrew.nicholson at baesystems.com


I am researching my family tree and your website name keeps appearing as a site I need to look at, but it does not seem to be working at the moment.  Is it currently offline?  My great grandfather John James Duff (born in Douglas 1879) Married Mary Agnes Killen (born in Douglas 1885)in South Africa.  Agnes’ mother was Agnes Ann Kaighin. (born Peel 1865).  She had Married William Killen in Braddan in 1883.  Agnes Ann Kaighin was the Daughter of John Alexander Kaighin (born Peel 1841).  I am hoping your website will allow me to continue my search into the Kaighin side of my family.




Andrew Nicholson



Herbert Kaighan

herbk12 at hotmail.com

Mike Kaighin (Herbert’s son)

kaighan at sbcglobal.net


My dad John was adopted by Herbert John Kaighan and Ethyl Till.  Mary and I met with friends of my fathers in Vancouver a few years ago and they were there when dad came home from hospital and gave us a picture.  Herbert left ethyl when my dad was 18 and lived in the Isle of Man until his death.  My dad did not know he was adopted until he applied for a visa to emigrate to US in 1951.  My dad had visited his "dad" in isle of man when he was in army and stationed in Europe 1941 – 1945.  The REAL question is who was my dad's dad?  We have a birth certificate for my dad with a very odd name on it as his last name.  My mother said there was speculation he was illegitimate child of an Irish attorney and his secretary in Vancouver.  But.....!!  She really was speculating


Jane Avril Kaighin

Wife of Ian Kaighin


From Facebook:

Hi Greg.  Yes we visited the Kaighin website some time ago. I will ask Ian's Uncle, John Kaighin (his father James Alexander is dead) if he can answer any of your questions. James and John had a sister Gertrude (I think) who died young without offspring. James had 2 children Ian (my husband) and Jane (now Corkish). John had 2 children Clive (died early 20s of hypoglycaemic coma) without offspring and Barry (paralyzed from waist down following motorbike accident in his 20s.  He has one son Sam.


John Joseph Kaighin

john.kaighin at manx.net



I am John Joseph Kaighin, Born PRIVATE at Isle of Man. My father was John Thomas Kaighin, youngest of seven children, and the only boy. My Mother was a Margaret PRIVATE from Birkenhead my fathers second wife; their first child a boy died of Scarlet Fever at the age of seven years, my sister Gladys was eight years my senior, and a younger brother James Alexander (now deceased) five years my junior. I've had a computer for some six to eight years, and only - idly - typed my surname into a search engine, half an hour or so ago, what a surprise! Kaighins everywhere!


Michael Duff

mnx.iom at xtra.co.nz


I have just discovered your gen site.  My connection to the Kaighins is as follows=


My grandfather John James Duff (born in Douglas 1879) Married Mary Agnes Killen (born in Douglas 1885) in Capetown in 1906.  Agnes` mother was Agnes Ann Kaighin. (born Peel 1865).  She had Married William Killen in Braddan in 1883.  Agnes Ann Kaighin=Daughter of John Alexander Kaighin (born Peel 1841).  I am living in New Zealand at the moment but intend to go back to the IOM permanently in 2009. I will manage a short visit this year, probably in Sept.


Hope to hear from you soon, Michael Duff.


Mona Christian

mona at christian.enterprise-plc.com


KAIGHIN - John, Sailor of Peel m Mary Nicholl in 1839. John Alexander m Catherine Cannell in 1863 (and his brother Henry m Margaret Christian in 1878). Catherine Margaret m William Edward KEWLEY in 1889 - their son John William b 1890 disappeared from the IOM & is thought to have emigrated to Australia



John Kaighin m Mary Nicholl, Braddan, IOM 26 Aug 1839. Their eldest son John Alexander Kaighin m Catherine Cannell 1863 and had issue Agnes Anne b 1865 (emigrated to Canada?), Eleanor Jane 1867, Mary 1869 m Mr. Starkey, Catherine Margaret 1871 (my gr-gr-grandmother) m in 1889 to William Edward Kewley died 1929, Alexander Nicol 1873, Mary Anne - died an infant, Georgina - died an infant, Annie, Lydia Maud m William Moore, John m twice (had children Gladys, John, Alec, Mamie), Esther m twice to Mr. Graham and H Moyle. John and Mary's youngest son was Henry Kaighin, Mariner and member of Peel lifeboat, who m Margaret Christian daughter of Charles Christian, mariner and had issue Christian Florence, Henry Charles 1880, Miriam Amelia 1882 and Herbert John 1887 (spent youth in BC Canada - fishing nr Vancouver?).  Other issue of John K & Mary N were Thos Harrison 1843, Agnes b1846 m R Duggan, Jane Eliza 1850, m W Clague, Margaret b 1852 m (John Gorry?), Mary Elizabeth b 1854 m (William Quirk?).


Stephen Clough

s_and_n at hotmail.com


Hi, I found your email on genealogy.com, I hope you don't mind me contacting you.  My name is Stephen Clough and I am researching the Kaighin side of my family tree.  I noticed in the forum that you were talking about my ancestors so thought I would get in touch!  I have attached a word document which illustrates the extent of my Kaighin research so far, I was hoping you could fill in any blanks or maybe just offer a little more info on top of what I already have!  I look forward to hearing from you! 

Many thanks in advance!

Stephen Clough


Brittany Kaighen

bekaighen at yahoo.com


Good afternoon! 

I googled my name and I found information on my sister and me. I would like to view the Kaighin Database please.   Also, if there is any information that you need I'd be happy to help provide that for you.  I am very interested to do some researching!



Brittany Kaighen

Houston, Texas


Carolyn Taylor

carolyn.taylor at dblm.co.uk




I have just come across your site, my grandmother was Eva Catherine Kaighin, born 1919 and she passed away in 2006. She had a brother Frederick John (1911-1969) and sister Elsie (1911 – 2004/5). My nan was born in Liverpool and her parents were Frederick William Kaighin and Sarah Jane Meadows. Frederick’s marriage certificate shows his surname as Kegan, but this is the only document to do so in all of the history I’ve found so far. On this marriage certificate his father was down as Thomas, a Mariner. Please can you help me with any further lineage, I had always been told that Frederick’s father was John Kaighin but after finding this marriage certificate it looks like that is not correct. My nan always said there was a family connection with the Ramsey lifeboat.


I look forward to hearing from you, I hope you can clear things up for me





Carrel Kaighen

kaighens at aol.com


Hello there, my name is Carrel Kaighen. I am married to Douglas Kaighen son of Maureen and John we are visiting Isle of Man in October would love to meet any of the family, I look forward to your reply.




Chelsea Gail Kaighen

chels_san at hotmail.com


Hi there, 


I've been checking out your history of Kaighen history. My name is Chelsea Gail Kaighen, my father was John Rodney Kaighen & mother Gail Waters/Francis I’m interested in anyway I could trace my father's history.  I have very little contact with him since I was a child. 





Chris Kaighin

chris.kaighin at environment-agency.gov.uk




Grandpa (George Henry Kaighin) married in 1929 in Birmingham, England might have been on there as would my dad (John William Fife Kaighin) born 1933 Birmingham, England.  So a quick history for you, could find out more from my dad if you want me to:

My great grandfather was William Kaighin from Peel, a guard on the IoM railway.  Apparently died after falling off the train drunk.  We have a photo of him in IoM railway uniform.

George Henry Kaighin, born Peel (I think 1892) moved to Birmingham, England in early 1900's and become a teacher.  We have his IoM football team cap, dated 1909-10.

George married Mary Barclay PRIVATE, of Ayrshire, in Birmingham in 1929.

John Kaighin was their only son, born PRIVATE, married Meg (Margaret) PRIVATE in 1960.

Three children:

Nicholas Robert Fife Kaighin (PRIVATE)

Christopher john Fife Kaighin (PRIVATE)  That's me

Sally Elizabeth Kaighin  (PRIVATE)

From this generation one child carries the Kaighin surname:

Ronan Adams Kaighin (PRIVATE)

But we also have Ciara Kaighin Adams (PRIVATE)

Would be interesting to hear if you have us in your scheme already.


Best wishes


Chris Kaighin


Christina Kaighen



Looking for any information on my grandfather, Joseph Kaighen, whose mother's surname was possibly Crellin. My father, Stevan Kaighen and I have been looking for any information on our ancestors from the Isle-of-Man


Donald Kaighen

don.k at manx.net


Hello fellow Kaighen,

Just quick e-mail to request password for ancestry pages you are compiling, and to say I had a Kaighen family tree done that may be of some help to you.

Hope to talk to you soon,


Donald Kaighen


Evonne Pellow

manx_vonda at hotmail.com


Hi all,
This is absolutely fascinating!!  I hope I can fill in some gaps for you!
My great-grandfather was Garnet Kaighen, married to Lillian.  My grandfather was called John James Kaighen (died Oct 16th 2006), married to June Marjorie (nee Smith, died Jan 23rd 2003).  They have 2 girls. Paulette (now Colquitt, born about 1948-49), married to Brian Colquitt, they have 3 children, Simon, Maxine and Darren.  Simon has one daughter, Rachelle.  Maxine has one son, Ryan.  Darren has two daughters, Rebecca and Chloe.  Second Daughter, my Mum, Jacqueline (now Leece) married to John Bernard Leece, they have 2 children, Evonne Marie (now Pellow) and Jonathan James.  Evonne has two daughters, Rhiannon Marie (born 22nd January 2004) and Ruby Frances (born 14th March 2006).
I hope this fills a few gaps!  Will ask my Mum if she knows anything else!


Jane Marshall

jem59 at tiscali.co.uk


I am researching Gawnes and I have found a few Kaighen connections.  The one I was looking at in particular was Thomas Kaighin 'of Ballaugh' (I have 'abt 1788') who married Catherine Gawne 13 Jul 1819, Maughold.  If you have any more direct way I might research this I would be grateful for any advice.


I have the ref from:

"The Descendants of Thomas Kaighin and Catherine Gawne.htm From "Shining by the Sea" - A history of Ramsey 1800-1914 by Constance Radcliffe: "…Thomas became the first coxswain of the Lifeboat "Two Sisters", a position later held (1883-90) by his eldest son, also Thomas." of 11 Quayles Court, Maughold" but I was wondering if there was any more info available.

Thank you very much



Jonathan Leece

jonathanleece at thepremiergriop.biz


I am the Grandson of John James Kaighen who passed away about three years ago. He was buried at Lezayre Churchyard in the same ploy as his wife, my grandmother. He was Chairman of the Ramsey Town Commissioners and served as a member for many years. Both he and his father Garnet were founding members of the Ramsey Association of Buffs Club (RAOB). They had two Daughters Paulette Colquitt and Jacqueline Leece (both married names and remain married). They married Brian Colquitt and John Leece; they had three children and two children respectively. I assume you are not interested once they have lost the Kaighen name.


My great grandfather Garnett was also part of RNLI and I have possession of one of his original RNLI hats and also some of his mouth organs he used to play.


My grandfather John spent most of his early years in the army in the post WWII period. He was also a keen singer with his bother Neville. He played football for Ramsey AFC for many years. He was also an ambulance man until he was medically retired.


My mum Jackie lives in Whitebridge Avenue, Ramsey 300 metres away from Greta and Bill Desmond.




Jonathan Leece ASI, ACoI, MICA


Julie Richmond

juheysham at hotmail.co.uk


Hello, I am researching my step mums family and discovered your excellent site full of information on the Kaighins from whom she descends.  The page with the Ramsey Kaighins is her family, She descends from Catherine Robina (Catherine Lavinia on IGI) that being her great grandmother. 


Thanks, Julie Richmond.


Maureen Kaighen

mmkaighen at sbcglobal.net


Hi Greg

Joseph Rodney’s first wife was Florence Alice Alexander Kerruish; three children Gwen married Frank Cooper in Bebington, Cheshire about 1950 or 1951.   Moyra in New Orleans not married.  John Rodney married Maureen Margaret Kelly (me) in Prenton, Cheshire.  We have four children; Rodney John, Janette Alison, Douglas Mark, and Diane Florence Alice.  We came to USA in 1967 not 1966.  I divorced John Kaighen on June 18th 1975.  He remarried Gayle Frances Watters.  They had one daughter born in Houston 1981 I think November.  Her name is Chelsea; she lives in Littlehampton, West Sussex, England.  Gayle died there about 1984.  Gayle and John Kaighen divorced in Houston about 1980.  Janette married Kim Longwell in New York state; they divorced in Houston.  She has two children - Travis and Nicole Maureen.  Janette remarried William Stanley in Houston - December 1999 – I think the 10th.   Douglas and his first wife have two children, Brittany and Lauren.  Diane married Curtis Waller and have three children; Lacie, Shae and Naomi.  Gwen Kaighen married Frank Cooper about 1950 or 1951 I believe in Port Sunlight, Cheshire, England.  They have two children; Lynn and Peter.  Lynn married Paul Edwards.  They have one son, Darren.  Darren also has one child.  Peter has twin daughters.  Both Lynn and Peter have divorced.  Joseph Kaighen’s brother William married Eunice.  They lived in Ramsey, IOM, no children.  Both have died.  his brother jimmy and his wife have six children (I believe).  Son Peter was killed climbing the Matterhorn in the Alps in the early 50s.  Son Jimmy was killed in a motor accident in IOM.  Son Murray lives in IOM.  Joseph’s 2nd wife Ruth Cooper (no connection with Frank Cooper, Gwen’s husband in England) have four children.  Ruth is from Roitan island across from Belize.  She is Stevan’s mother.


Pam Kaighen

pam_k at cox.net


Christina Kaighen is my daughter and we are putting together a family tree regarding the Kaighen

surname. We would appreciate any information that you can provide. Joseph Rodney Kaighen was born

in the Isle of Man around 1903.



Richard Kaighen

roach at manx.net


Brother of Donald above


Rodney Kaighen

Soccerjox at aol.com


I immigrated to Texas USA when I was 13 and am now trying to see if there are any Kaighens still alive on the Island. Any information would be welcomed.  I hope this is the correct forum to post this type of message. Thank you. Rodney Kaighen.


Thanks for the E-mail.
Looks like the posts you sent me are my aunt and uncle.
My name is Rodney John Kaighen my father John Rodney Kaighen my grandfather is Joseph Rodney Kaighen. Voirrey, Stevan and Crellin are sister and brothers they were children of Joseph Rodney’s 2nd wife. My father’s half brother and sister. I have some additional info my mother gave me about Joseph Rodney’s siblings. Names... John, Billy, Bertha, Florie, Nenna and a Quayle doesn't remember first name. I have not seen Voirrey, Stevan and Crellin for 30 plus years if you have any email or contact info I would appreciate hearing from you or pass mine on to them. I still remember the Island like it was yesterday even though I haven’t been there since we came to the US in 1966. My uncle worked for the Manx electric and even had his own stop "Watsons Crossing" next to Ballaglass Glen. Oh the memories...




Sara-Jane Cresswell

sjkaighen at hotmail.com

sjcresswell at sympatico.ca



Hi there,
I'm not sure if we have been in contact with each other. I have a whole clan of Kaighen members on the Isle of Man. Is this Rodney?



Stevan Kaighen

stevan0859 at hotmail.com



Looking for any info on Kaighen's of the Isle of Man and or Kaighen's married to Crellin. My father is Joseph Rodney Kaighen, born 1903. His parents were Joseph Kaighen and Ann Crellin.  Any info at any level would be greatly appreciated.


Voirrey Andrea Kaighen

kaighen47 at aol.com



Searching for relatives of Joseph Rodney Kaighen born July 14th 1903, Married in Rockferry, England; born in the Isle of Man.  Mother's name Ann Crellin Kaighen some of his siblings William, James, Jane, Bertha two other sisters names unknown. Any information would be very much appreciated.


Damien Kaighin

damien.kaighin at hotmail.co.uk


My name is Damien Kaighin, son of Edward Kaighin.  We currently reside in England.  My dad was born in the Isle of Man and moved to England in the seventies


Deborah Kaighen (wife of Keith)

debbikay7 at hotmail.com


Hi Greg,


Yes, you have hit it right on the nose. My husband, Keith, is the son of Joseph C. Kaighen Jr. He was born in Montana and his father was born in Missouri. He was married to Thelma, also from Missouri. There is no one left but my mother-in-law, Stella that can tell me a whole lot of the family history and to be honest with you I don't know if she can give me very much information. She is 84 now and still lives in the Detroit area.  We moved about 70 miles north of Detroit about 21 years ago to a small town. We have 3 grown sons and 3 grandchildren.


Irvin K. “Ike” Kaighin

hawkike at aol.com


Dear Greg,


I am Irvin K. Kaighin.  Having been guided to your web site yesterday by an Internet intelligent young woman relative, I am delighted to have located Kaighin family information through data you have provided.  I salute you for the good stuff you have done for me.


Irvin Kaighin AKA Ike


James Richard Wicksey Kaighin

boodler at manx.net



Don't know yet if I'm on your list yet, I'll find out if and when you send password! My name is James Richard Kaighin. Hopefully we'll be in touch with each other later.




Jan Lawler

Abbylaw at eaglecom.net


Hello Greg,


My name is Janice (Jan) Lawler. I was referred to your web site by Steve Bailey. Some months ago Steve wrote me and said that he thought we were related. Since then we have been sharing our family information with each other.  When he referred me to your web site today, I found the following. “Descendants of the Carns (AKA Kaighins) of LeRoy Twp, Lake County, Ohio”.  Unfortunately I have very little information on the Carns line other than on 28 June 1851 a Susanna Carn (Carne), b. 1 Aug 1833 d. 8 May 1918, married my maternal GGG Grandfather, John Orlando Hopkins, b. 17 Dec 1824 d. 2 Sep 1907.  Their daughter, Jennie Ora Hopkins b. 23 Apr 1867 in Beloit, Wisconsin d. 3 Nov 1948 in Marysville, California, Married in Hoxie, Kansas on 1 Nov 1885, Charlie Perkins b. 21 Dec 1854 in LaSalle, Illinois, d. 18 Oct 1947 in Portland, Oregon.  Their daughter, Elfie Lelia Perkins, b. 14 Jan 1888 in Hoxie, Ks. d. 4 Dec 1978 in Plainville, Ks. Married in Plainville, Ks. on 24 Dec 1906, Jasper Cleon Lawler, b. 12 Feb 1884 in Schuyler Co., Illinois, d. 11 Nov 1972in Plainville, Ks. Their son, John Darrol Lawler, b. 16 Jan 1919 in Plainville, Ks. d. 17 Jun 1998 in Hays, Ks. was my father. Needless to say, I was very impressed with your web site and all of the extensive research you have done.  I started my research in 1993, beginning with some old family pictures my grandmother Elfie Lelia (Perkins) Lawler gave me way back in 1960. Among them two of Susanna Carn and John O. Hopkins, which I am pleased to attach to this email.


I would also be pleased if you would let me know if any of what I've sent is of any importance to your research.



Jan Lawler


Jane Case

janth76724 at aol.com


I have her name as Elizabeth Adeline (Addie) (Gilmore) Kaighin and she was my first cousin 3 times removed. I haven’t looked at your info yet, but how are you related to her?




Jane Kaighen Werle

jheelys at swbell.net



Kaighin / Connell

I too would like to find out about the Kaighins who left the IOM. It seems the family was large and my

ancestors were not prominent to be tracked. Just farmers, I guess. Do want to know who and where they

settled. I am planning a trip to the IOM and would appreciate information.



Charles married Anne Sayle had 3 children Charles, Matilda, Wm Alexander. Charles (my great

grandfather married Mary Louisa Grady



Charles Kaighin married Margaret Cannell. 6 children Hugh, Charles, John, Kitty, Ann, Betsy.  Son John

married Sophia McCLure had 11 children



tiesackett at aol.com



I have a John Kaighin, b. Douglas, Isle of Man; he married Sophia McClure, b. Peel, Isle of Man, in Peoria Co.

Ill. Dec. 31, 1851. Brothers are Hugh and Charles; sisters are Kittie, Ann and Betsy. Don't know if any are related to yours!!!


Lee Kaighin

kaighin at hotmail.co.uk


I have been reading the Kaighin website.  I am wondering if I could request a password for the site.  I am Lee Kaighin son of Edward and Patricia Kaighin and brother of Carl and Damien Kaighin.


Richard Kaighen

rkaighen at gmail.com




My name is W. Richard Kaighen and I understand you would like some "family tree" info from us.  If you are still interested please respond to this email and I may be able to clear up some "holes" in your genealogy as far as our side of the ancestry goes which I have back to Charles and Margaret (Connell) Kaighin from the I.O.M. who gave birth to Hugh, Charles, John, Kattie, Ann or Jane?, and Elizabeth (Betsy) Kaighin.  Charles (born 1825 IOM) and John were the only two who immigrated to America and settled around Springfield Il.  John immigrated here in 1849 and Charles in 1851.  My linage is thru Charles.


If interested I would be happy to give you what I have.


Richard Kaighen


Rosemary MacDonald

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Dear Greg,


I did reply to your email earlier on but I cannot find it in 'sent items' so you either have nothing or three or four.   If you haven't received one this is just to say thank you for your very interesting letter.  


The problem with the farm of Kerrowglass is that there are three small farms each called by the same name.  I knew that a Margaret Kaighin had married a John Cannell and had seven daughters and one son who died in infancy and I have followed up all seven daughters to a certain extent. The story goes that John Cannell disowned his eldest daughter, Jane which is why Margaret, the second daughter, came to inherit Kerrowglass.    


My Charles Kaighin who married Margaret Cannell lived in a nearby farm at the time called Skerrisdale.  


When I was young I used to stay at Kerrowglass at weekends when my great aunt Christian Kaighin lived there and I used to sleep in a bed called a half tester, which was a bit like a four poster and had lots of curtains around it.


At the moment I am busy packing everything away into the loft as I am getting the decorators in and having a new floor covering which means everything has to be cleared out of my living room but I will be in touch again sometime.


Rosemary Macdonald


Steve Bailey

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Hi, Nice to hear from you especially since I hadn't a clue about any of this a few hours ago. I started this genealogical stuff about Christmastime and it's still fairly new to me. The Kaighins are the only ancestors I've found who arrived in this country after 1800. By the way, how do they get Carne from Kaighin? Do they drop Rs on the Isle of Man as they do here in mid-coast Maine? Here they also add them as in idea/idear and Linda/Linder. Anyway Susanne Carne had a daughter Jennie Hopkins who had a daughter Myra Adelle Perkins who had a son Donald Wayne Bailey who had me. Myra Adelle had some large round tintypes of family but I'm not sure where they went. I'm trying to find out. You will find mention of John Orlando Hopkins on Roger Bissell's web page about Elias Bissell. I've got a second cousin in Kansas who has a few Carne pictures but she hasn't been able to copy them well yet. I have barely begun to explore your website; have you got a gedcom you could send? I'd be glad to draw out a tree of what I know- sending a gedcom is technically problematic at present. I could also send a pdf of the Hopkins family book [about 70 megs on cd] though that is probably of limited interest.    



Steve Bailey

Brooksville, Maine


Carol Lloyd



I have no proof as yet but this is what I have from the IGI
My main family names are KNEALE/CORRIN/ARMSTRONG.
So I looked for my CORRIN names and found: ? my 4th Great Grandfather who was, William CORRIN

he married Christian KERMOD(E) 13th Aug 1780 at Malew.

Christian KERMOD(E) was christened on 13th Feb 1757 at Malew.
Her parents were:
John KERMOD(E) and Margaret KAIGHAN who married on 25th May 1754 at Malew.
John KERMOD(E) above was Christened on the 8th July 1729 at Malew.
Margaret KAIGHAN was born on 7th April 1723 to ? Henry KAIGHAN and Jony COSTEAN (Nowadays

spelt COSTAIN ).
Henry KAIGHAN was born abt 1686 in Kirk German.
Jony COSTEAN born abt 1690 in Kirk German.
As I say, I have no proof of this as yet, but I hope this helps you in any way.


Darrell R. Easton



I too have Kaighen's in my family tree, John Kaighen (M) Ann Quirk, daughter Mary (m) 16 Sep. 1828 Kirk Michael, Thomas Carran Jr. Mary had a son Thomas Kaighen (b) 24 Nov. 1820 Kirk German, before her marriage to Thomas. I may have a little more Kaighen information, but my family history on the IOM is the Carran/Karran family


Eleanor W. Sandford

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Margaret Kaighan – Bedford Co., TN



Looking for information on the family of Margaret Kaighan, who m. John Ferguson, 13 Nov. 1800, Bedford Co., TN. If this is my John Ferguson family, then they raised their children in Blount Co., TN. I have info. On all of their children. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. EWS


Gayla Genschorck

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I am looking for info on a James Kaighin, who married Elinor QUAYLE (she was baptized 31 Jul. 1842 in Kirk Michael); Their children: Margaret, John & Thomas (twins), and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth married Thomas Henry BREW at St. Paul Chapel, Maughold on 3 Jan. 1869. (this is the lineage I have researched)  Perhaps our Kaighin's are from the same family?


Greg Kaighin

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Lives in Bedford, England.  Son of Jeff, brother of Kevin.


Jan Barletta

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All Kaighins


Jan Carter

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Hi Greg,

I found your details on the Genealogy web site and am interested in anything you might be able to tell me

about the Kaighins from the Isle of Man, please?

This is as much as I know at the moment:

Elizabeth Kaighin was my great grandmother, born 1864 Kirk Michael, Isle of Man.  We are not sure about her Mother.  Ellen Kaighin was Elizabeth's grandmother which makes her my great great great grandmother and was

born IOM 1803 but we don't know her maiden name.

Any leads would be gratefully received.




Jennifer Stepanek

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I have a distant connection to the Kaighin family of Ballacregga, Kirk Michael through son Charles who became heir when his brother John emigrated to America.
 I recommend you read David Craine's book "Manannan's Isle" which contains a LOT of info about this family. Included are several family letters. One written by Jane Kaighin alias Cannell to her son in America when his father died is especially poignant.


John Caine

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Dear Mr. Kaighin
I am researching my grandmother’s family (Ashburner)
.  Her great grandfather was William Ashburner who married Elizabeth Kaighin, (father Thomas Kaighin of Lhergydhoo, German) in 1832.  They had three sons Thomas, Richard and William before moving back to build ships in Barrow in 1844 approx. I'm hoping to get more information on Thomas and his ancestors.

John Caine


Joyce Hodges

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Mother of Elizabeth Kaighin born in 1815, Kirk Michael, Isle of Man, Ballaugh Parrish, she would have been my GGG Grandmother and married Thomas Hampton.  They had 4 children, Catherine Hampton born 1847, Charles A. Hampton Born 1861, Samuel Hampton born 1855 and William J. Hampton born 1853.  Any info I can find would be helpful.


Scott Johnson

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Thomas Kaighin


Shirley Callaghan

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Dear Greg,

I said I would let you know what I found and I have more or less got to the end of his story. My gt. gt. Grandmother Jane Black had 5 children. Eleanor Cannell, I have yet to find her marriage or death. William Cannell my gt. grandfather, both children of William Cannell, from Kirk Michael. Margaret Eda Cannell daughter of John Cannell, from Kirk Michael, Christian Ann Kaighin(who died age 19 years in K.M.) and John James Kaighin children of John Kaighin who married Jane on 7th. October 1883 in K.M.  Eleanor and William had already moved away and the 3 younger ones continued to live with John and Jane until, Christian died in 1894, Margaret Eda married William Hampton of I.O.M. and moved to England. John James Kaighin, the son, remained in K.M. and married Ada Torrance Humphrey they could not have children and adopted 4 Illegitimate children and brought them up in a loving family in K.M.  I am in contact with the son of one of these children who now lives in Yorkshire.  Jane died and was buried in K.M. in 1911 and John Kaighin senior died and was buried in K. M. on 26 January 1917 (plot 69).  It seems William and Margaret Eda remained close family and Eda and her husband visited K.M. annually to stay with family.  So it looks as if this particular Kaighin line died out with John James (junior) who died 13th. February 1951 and is buried with his wife Ada in K. M.  I think this is a wonderful conclusion to what could have been a very sad tale. I have backed all my research with the relative documents so you can rely on the details for further reference if ever you need to. My continuing work now is to find out what happened to Eleanor and trace which particular William and John Cannell were Jane's partner's and whether there was a very good reason for her not marrying earlier. It all takes time.  Thank you for your interest and I keep looking at the I.O.M web site to see if anyone can help me or maybe traveling along similar lines.

Kind regards




Sylvia Perkins

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My grandmother’s uncle, Robert John Clague, married first Eleanor Lizzie Kaighin, then her sister Gertrude Kaighin.


Verna Parkin-Elliott

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Hello Greg,

My paternal grandmother was Susie May Emberson (b. 31 Aug 1890 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) daughter of Charlotte Alice Murphy b. Jun 1863 christened 19 Jul 1863 Lezayre, IoM, married Joseph Emberson in Pancras, London, Middlesex, England 1890. Probable immediate immigration to Canada Parents of Charlotte Alice - father Patrick Murphy b 1835 Ireland - farmer (possible father James b 1789 Monastereven, Kildare, Ireland) married 12 Nov 1854 Kirk Michael, IoM to Charlotte Kaighin b. 1825 Kirk Michael.  Any info on genealogy of this Charlotte would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


Verna Parkin-Elliott



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Jane Black married John James Kaighin on 07.10.1883 at Kirk Michael. Jane had an illegitimate son by her future husband in 1878 and was also called john james kaighin he married Ada Torrance Humphrey and he died in1951 and Ada in 1964. They had no children but adopted four children Douglas [d1919] Vera, Peter and John



Ballacregga is about 0.5 miles from K Michael village on the Peel Road. It is a farm of about 100 acres and reaches from the sea cliff [many acres lost to sea erosion-- about 1 metre per year] to higher ground called the Cooildarry. The soil is sandy. For most part of the 20c it was farmed by the Corkill family-who were the last farmers in the parish to use draft horses.


Donna Douglas

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Has done some research on Kaighins, primary interest is Caine in IOM


Frances Coakley

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Peel, Isle of Man

Not a Kaighin researcher, but an invaluable source of anything Manx


Nigel Crowe

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Isle of Man

Noted Manx Genealogist, has done some research on Kaighins and Ballacregga


Lois Ralph

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Very good source for Manx in Cleveland.  She is working on a project collecting information on Manx immigrants to Northeastern Ohio prior to 1850.


Brian Lawson



Maple Ridge, B.C.

Not a Kaighin researcher, but his site contains transcribed wills from IOM and a burial index.




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