Photographs of Charles Wesley Kaighin and Family



Charles E. “Chas”  and George Cletus Kaighin circa 1905




George Cletus and Elroy “Bud” Kaighin circa 1913



Winkler Family Portrait circa 1910


John Winkler (born about 1844, died 12 Apr 1921) and Kate Winkler (als Klemm) (born about 1839, died 6 Dec 1922) (married about 1865)
John G. Winkler (died 19 April 1927)
Christian J. Winkler (died 6 Feb 1971)
Anna L. (als Kaighin, als Waddell) (born May 1869, died 4 Dec 1938)
Mary (wife of Henry M. Willing) (died after 1971 - was alive when Christian died)
Catherine C. (wife of William A. Simmerly) (died 12 July 1966)
Willhelmena "Minnie" (wife of Peter M. Beumers) (died 27 Dec 1920)
Christina (wife of Albert Rosenfelder) (died 16 Nov 1926).

This photo is of all of them.
Christian is the man on the far left.
Middle back is Anna
Back right is John G. Winkler
Front middle are John and Kate.

The other four sisters must be the other four women in the picture.  I would estimate that this picture is taken in about 1910.  All were still alive then; the first to die was Minnie in 1920.  This estimate is based on the style of clothes and the relative age of Anna (she looks to be about 40). 






Kaighin family portrait circa 1922


My guess is that this picture was taken about 1922.  The older man with white hair is Charles Wesley (CW) Kaighin.  Seated below him I believe is his sister Mona.  To Mona’s left seated is Anna (Winkler) Kaighin, at that time Charles Wesley’s wife.  Seated front and center is George Cletus Kaighin.  To Mona’s right is Anna’s brother Christian Winkler.  The child in Anna’s arms may be Bill Simmons, son of Margaret (Pearl Kaighin) Simmons who is far right second row.  Middle row, second from left is probably Elroy “Bud” Kaighin.  The rest are unidentified.


Added 27 June 2006

Comments from Kay Stafford:

The gentleman in the back is Charles (Char [Kaighin]), your grandfather's brother.  Both Bill and Janis (Cubbon) Jenuleson identified the lady third from the left, second row, as Aunt Kitty (not my mother) who was married to John (Janis thought he might be far left, second row, next to Elroy).  Neither could remember their last name [This was probably Catherine “Kit” Kaighin and John Fix].  The man next to Aunt Kitty is Pete Waldeck.  They both, as well as my brother Rol [Roland Pintner], agreed with your I.D.s.






Anna (Winkler) Kaighin




Unidentified Kaighin men circa 1930




George Cletus Kaighin

February 10, 1938.




Martha Gertrude Scheid and George Cletus Kaighin

Wedding day, February 10, 1938




Martha Gertrude Scheid and George Cletus Kaighin

Wedding day, February 10, 1938



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