Kaighin Family Portrait

Bright, Victoria, Australia circa 1900





Wedding photograph of Amy Kaighin and her husband Robert Mason.

She is the eldest child of Thomas Caesar Kaighin and Mary Ann (Gray) Kaighin.

Left to Right, second to back row, second from left, Robert Masonís father.To his left, Douglas Kaighin

To Douglasí left, Thomas Robert Livesay Kaighin.Second to back row, second from right, Thomas

Caesar Kaighin.To his right, Ernest Kaighin.Seated in front of Ernest, his mother Mary Ann Kaighin.

Far left, Millie (Annie Matilda) Kaighin.Seated front left, Mona (Mabel Mona) Kaighin.Seated front right,

Cyril Peel Gray Kaighin, Josephine Kaighin and Mary Beatrice Jane Kaighin


Photo courtesy of Rodd Johnson




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