Kaighins in the IGI


            The following pages contain data transcribed from all Kaighins in the March 1992 iteration of the microfiche version of the IGI (International Genealogical Index) for the Isle of Man.  There are 1124 entries on 12 pages.  The only manipulation of this data is the addition of mother’s names which I have done extensive work reconstructing.  The spelling of mother and father christian names have been modified for the sake of convention.  True spelling can be found in the “Notes” column.  The format of the data is changed from the fiche version several ways.  The date format is YYYY MM DD.  Father’s surname is not listed unless the child was illegitimate.  The data is sorted by Christian name and then by date.  There are several entries unintentionally omitted.  They are marriage records of Kaighin women who have already been incorporated in the “Master List” table in my database.  There is also one problem I’ve found since transcribing this.  Some of the Catherine’s are out of sequence due to a spelling variation that I hadn’t noticed.  Some were spelled “Catharine” and some “Catherine”.  Also if you are looking for a Catherine, check “Katherine”.


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Page 1             UNKNOWN (1680) to Catherin (1742)

Page 2            Catherin (1749) to Charlotte (1854)

Page 3            Charlotte (1879) to Ellen (1651)

Page 4            Ellen (1664) to Isabel (1765)

Page 5            Isabel (1788) to Jane (1829)

Page 6            Jane (1831) to John (1802)

Page 7             John (1802) to Joseph (1627)

Page 8            Joseph (1638) to Maria (1806)

Page 9            Marion (1870) to Phill (1677)

Page 10          Phill (1677) to Thomas (1858)

Page 11           Thomas (1859) to Wm (1701)

Page 12          Wm (1702) to Wm James (1822)


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