Kaighins in Wisconsin from 1909



Manifest of S.S. Campania sailing from Liverpool 4 December 1909 and arriving NY 11 December 1909

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Line 18

Henry Kaighin

Age 26



Able to read and write

Nationality England

Race or people: Manx, Permanent residence: Isle of Man Ballamin

Name and complete address of nearest relative or friend in country whence alien came:

††††††† Father Jno T. Kaighan, Ballamin IOM,

Final Destination city and state: Kelburn City Wisc.

Whether having a ticket to such final destination: yes

By whom was passage paid: self

Whether in possession of $50 and if less how much: $50

Whether ever before in the US: no

whether going to join a relative or friend: brother Joseph Kaighin, Kilburn City, Wisc.

condition of heath, mental and physical: good

height: 5'9"

complexion: fresh

Hair: dark

Eyes: blue

Marks of identification: none

Place of Birth: Bride, Isle of Man


Note:From a discussion with Tom Wagner, son of Thelma Kaighin, grandson of James Joseph Kaighin, the brother of Henry:

Henry and James Joseph initially stayed in Kelburn City, Wisconsin (now known as Wisconsin Dells) to be with the Brew and Gawn families there.They later moved together to Kansas to live near their motherís (Jane Cormode) brother where they homesteaded.










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