The Mystery of Margaret (nee Christian) Kaighin ~ Solved




In spite of the fact that there is nothing yet to substantiate the family rumor of a link between Margaret (Christian) Kaighin and Fletcher Christian the celebrated mutineer, volumes have been discovered regarding her mother’s family, her siblings and their families.


Starting with the maternal grandparents of Margaret Christian, John Quayle of Ballanicholas, Marown married Anne Cowle(y) 14 February 1781 in Kirk Braddan, Isle of Man.  From his marriage record he was born about 1756 and “of Kirk Patrick”.  He was buried 14 December 1847, age 90, Kirk Marown, Isle of Man.  Ann Cowle(y) was born 22 December 1755 in Kirk Michael and the daughter of William Cowle(y) and Elizabeth Crellin.   Ann was buried 7 January 1837 in Ballaugh, Isle of Man at age 80.   The following table of the children of John Quayle and Ann Cowle(y), including Margaret’s mother Elizabeth Patience Quayle, is taken from the IGI:


1. John Quayle - Christened 24 OCT 1784, Marown, IOM

2. Ann Quayle - Christened 09 SEP 1787, Marown, IOM

3. William Quayle - Christened 15 NOV 1789, Marown, IOM

4. Paul Quayle - Christened 12 JUN 1791, Marown, IOM

5. Elizabeth Quayle - Christened 15 DEC 1793, Marown, IOM

6. Elizabeth Patience Quayle  - Christened 15 DEC 1795, Marown, IOM
7. Margaret Quayle – Christened 29 JUN 1800, Marown, IOM


A monumental inscription in Kirk Marown Parish shows that William and Elizabeth died as infants, and Paul died at age 33.

To the memory of William and Elizabeth, children of John and Ann Quayle. William died Aug 9, 1790, aged 9 months. Elizabeth died June 12, 1794, aged 6 months. Here lieth the body of Paul Quayle, son of John Quayle of Balla[nich]olas, who died on the 1st of Nov 1823, aged 33 years.

The inscription next to the above may indicate a relation but nothing in the IGI suggests that this is John’s father.  This would more likely be his grandfather or great uncle:

Paul Quayle’s burial place. Here lieth the body of Paul Quayle, who departed this life in the 3rd Oct 1808, aged 70 years. He was buried 5 October 1808.


As a note of interest, the oldest brother of Patience, John is the 3G Grandfather of James Danforth “Dan” Quayle, US Vice President under President George HW Bush.


Moving forward one generation, Margaret Christian, daughter of John Christian and Elizabeth Patience Quayle married Charles Kaighin on 23 August 1849 at Kirk Braddan, Isle of Man.  The marriage certificate states that she resided at Great George Street, Douglas and she was the daughter of John Christian, weaver.  Two years later, at the time of the 1851 census (2), Charles and Margaret can be found with their first son Ebenezer, age 6 months and born in Birkenhead, at 10 Paternoster Row in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England.  Residing with them are visitors Elizabeth Christian, age 19, Edward Christian, age 21 and Frederick Hampton, age 21, all born in the Isle of Man.  Charles Kaighin, Edward Christian and Frederick Hampton are all shown as shipwrights, Margaret a dressmaker and Elizabeth a housemaid. 


1851 Census, Birkenhead, Cheshire, England






To Head








Place of Birth

Charles Kaighin

10 Paternoster Row





Isle of Man

Margaret Kaighin






Isle of Man

Ebenezer Kaighin






Cheshire, Birkenhead

Elizabeth Christian






Isle of Man

Frederick Hampton






Isle of Man

Edward Christian






Isle of Man

Elizabeth Jones








An effort to establish a relationship between the Christians or Charles with Frederick Hampton via the records was attempted unsuccessfully, so the assumption is that Frederick was a family friend.  Most likely he was a fellow shipwright’s apprentice and all three shipwrights were apprenticed together in the company (and maybe under the tutelage) of Charles’ father Charles Kaighin on Queen Street, Douglas prior to the younger Charles’ move to Birkenhead.  In the Quiggin’s Guide, Directory of Principal Tradesmen in Douglas [1852], a C. Kaighin is listed as a ship builder and this is the most likely location of their apprenticeship.  It may then be assumed that Charles and Margaret were introduced through Charles’ fellow apprentice and Margaret’s brother Edward Christian.


Assuming then that the two Christian visitors in the 1851 census are siblings of Margaret, a check of the IGI has only one family of Christians that fit this scenario perfectly.  They are the children of John Christian and Elizabeth Patience Quayle, married 22 October 1822, in Marown, Isle of Man.  Their children were all christened in Kirk Malew as shown in the following table taken from the IGI:


1. Margaret Christian - Christened 27 JUL 1823, Malew, IOM

2. Edward Christian - Christened 31 JUL 1825, Malew, IOM
3. Edward Christian - Christened 01 FEB 1829, Malew, IOM

4. Elizabeth Christian - Christened 03 SEP 1831, Malew, IOM

5. Stephen Christian - Christened 29 DEC 1833, Malew, IOM


A Burial record of Edward Christian, infant, in Kirk Malew on 16 March 1828 accounts for the second Edward, leaving four siblings who lived to adulthood.  The 1851 Birkenhead census record accounts for Margaret, Edward and Elizabeth.  So then where is Stephen Christian in 1851?  In the 1851 Isle of Man Census, Douglas, District 6, Schedule 226, #5 Fancy Street shows Elizabeth Christian, head, widow, age 55, born Marown living with son Stephen Christian, son, unmarried, age 17, apprentice tailor, born Kirk Malew.  Therefore father John Christian had died sometime prior to 1851.  To narrow this down, the family can be found in the 1841 Isle of Man census in Kirk Malew, District 4, page 16, schedule 73 as follows:


John Christian, age 53

Patience Christian, age 45

Edward Christian, age 12

Elizabeth Christian, age 9

Stephen Christian, age 7


Margaret is evidently already off on her own by this time at the age of 17 or 18.  Father John’s age of 53 would put his birth around 1787-8.  A burial record of a John Christian, age 57 can be found in the registers of Kirk Malew parish dated 22 July 1844.  This indicates that the family resided in Kirk Malew until at least John’s death.  So Patience moved to Douglas sometime between 1844 and the census in 1851.  She can be found at Hope Street, Douglas in the 1861 Isle of Man Census living with son Edward.  She is shown as a widow, age 65, house proprietor, and born Marown.  Edward is age 30, unmarried, ship carpenter, born Kirk Malew.  Patience died in 1863 and was buried 5 May 1863 in Kirk Malew.  A corresponding will can be found in Kirk Braddan Ecclesiastical Wills, 1863, Ref 117, LDS film 0106464. 


This was not the only family of John Christian however.  Prior to his marriage to Patience, he had four children by Margaret Waterson.  All children were christened in Kirk Malew as these records from the IGI show:


1. Catherine Christian - Christened 09 FEB 1816, Malew, IOM

2. Charlotte Christian - Christened 14 SEP 1817, Malew, IOM

3. Robert Christian  - Christened 21 JAN 1819, Malew, IOM

4. John Christian - Christened 05 JUN 1822, Malew, IOM


John Christian’s marriage to Margaret Watterson cannot be found in the record; however we know they were married as John’s Last Will and Testament specifies his marriage to Patience Quayle as his second marriage.  There is no record of a burial of a Margaret Christian between the birth of John Jr. in June of 1822, and John’s second marriage that same October.  However, there is a record for a Margaret Waterson recorded in Kirk Malew 13 Jun 1822 .  Her death was most likely due to complications from childbirth.  A burial record of John Thomas Christian, infant, Kirk Malew 23 January 1824 may explain what happened to him.


A final piece of the puzzle that ties this family together is the Joint Last Will and Testament of John and Patience Christian which can be found on LDS film 0106444, Kirk Malew Ecclesiastical Wills, Ref 2, 1844.  Patience was sworn in as executrix of this will on the 29th of October 1844.  Several of the children from both marriages were mentioned; specifically:


1.   Robert "our eldest son and heir and said Patience Christian's Step-Son" who was left the parcels of Croit-y-Crommell and Croit-y-Cuddhair, part of the quarterland of Clogh Chor in Kirk Malew.

2.  Edward and Stephen "our two sons" – who were left a house and garden in the town of Peel “to share and share alike.”

3.  Catherine Cottier and Charlotte Faraker "our two eldest daughters ... the step-daughters of said Patience Christian" who were left five shillings.

4.  Margaret and Elizabeth Christian "our two youngest daughters" who were left fifteen pounds British Currency to be given severally “when they arrive at the age of twenty-four.”


As previously mentioned Margaret married Charles Kaighin in August of 1849 and removed with him to Birkenhead.  From her son Ebenezer Kaighin’s naturalization record in 1891, he was born there November 7, 1850.   His birth is also recorded in the 1850 BMD index for Wirral, Birkenhead.  Charles’ father Charles Kaighin remained in Douglas until at least 1852 when he can be found in the above mentioned directory.  A monumental inscription in Kirk Braddan’s Old Yard (#23) states “In memory of Charles Kaighin who died at Brooklyn America 8th Aug 1855 aged 77 years.”  So Charles emigrated with his son Charles, Margaret and grandson Ebenezer since he died in Brooklyn, but he did not go with his son for the two years in England.  A 1910 US Census record in Cleveland, Ohio shows Ebenezer as having immigrated as an infant with his family in 1852.  The lure of employment as a ship’s carpenter at the Brooklyn Navy Yard probably spurred the immigration of either Charles or his father and an invitation was extended to the other.  The family moved to Cleveland, Ohio between the birth of their youngest son Charles Wesley Kaighin on 6 February 1863 and their purchase of a property at Schott Street in Cleveland in 1870.  Margaret died in 1904 in Cleveland at the age of 81.


Edward Christian, the next oldest sibling, as mentioned was living with his mother in 1861 in Douglas as a ship’s carpenter.  No Edward Christian can be found in any burial index in the Isle of Man that would fit his profile.  And after the 1861 census, he cannot be located in any census record in the Isle of Man or elsewhere. 


Except the 1841 Isle of Man census and the 1851 Birkenhead census records, Elizabeth Christian has been too elusive to find.  She had a very common name which makes it very difficult to narrow down possibilities.  As an example, there are 25 marriages in the Isle of Man listed in the IGI for those with the name Elizabeth Christian between the years 1851-1871, assuming she was married there.  So until a will or monumental inscription or other specific record can be located which shows what happened to her, she shall remain elusive.


In addition to the 1851 Isle of Man census record in Douglas, the youngest sibling, Stephen Christian is well represented in recorded documents.  He married firstly Margaret Ellen Kelly 15 April 1857 in Kirk Braddan (Douglas), Isle of Man.  Margaret was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Kelly and from her marriage certificate was born about 1830 in Kirk Malew.  This marriage produced two children, Stephen Alfred Christian and Elizabeth Jane Kelly Christian.  Stephen Alfred Christian was christened 16 Sep 1858, at Saint Barnabas, Douglas and Elizabeth Jane Kelly Christian was christened 25 April 1861 also at Saint Barnabas, Douglas.  Margaret died at age 32 and was buried at Douglas, St. George 19 September 1863.  Her death left Stephen with at least one young child to care for and he soon found another wife.  He remarried to Mary Ralph 14 September 1865 in Kirk Braddan (Douglas).  He next shows up with his family in the 1871 census in Manchester, England.  His occupation is tailor, employing four men.  His wife Mary was born in Shropshire, England.  Absent from this record is daughter Elizabeth Jane Kelly Christian.  She may have died as an infant as there is a burial record for Eliza Jane Christian, age 1 year, 6 months, 22 February 1863 in Kirk Patrick, Isle of Man.  Also residing with this family is Sage Faraker, shown as a niece, unmarried, age 31. 


Sage Ann Elizabeth Faraker (or Fargher or Faragher) was the only child of Robert Fargher and Anne Radcliffe who were married 15 Nov 1838, in Kirk Patrick.   Sage was christened 13 March 1840 in Kirk German, Isle of Man.  Ann (Radcliffe) Fargher died in 1841 and Robert remarried to Charlotte Christian 9 February 1843 in Kirk Braddan.  So Sage was Charlotte’s step-daughter, and Charlotte was Stephen’s half-sister.


In the 1881 census at Moss Side, Lancashire, England, Stephen, wife Mary and son Stephen Alfred can be found residing with two of Mary’s siblings and their families.  Her sister Martha Chalmers is shown as a widow and mother of five young children.  Her brother Adam Ralph also has two children.  Stephen is shown as a Master Tailor, age 47.  His son Stephen Alfred is unmarried, age 22, and a warehouseman.  The moved often and can next be found in the 1891 Census in Didsbury in Lancashire, England.  His occupation is a retired woolen draper.  He is residing with wife Mary, niece Margaret Chalmers and nephew Frances Chalmers.  Steven’s death is recorded in the BMD index in Chorlton in the March quarter of 1892.


In 1885, Stephen’s son Stephen Alfred Christian married Sophia Margaret Kewin.  Their marriage is recorded in the September quarter of 1885 in the BMD index at Chorlton.  Their daughter Ada was born in June of 1886 and they immigrated in December of 1888 to Cleveland, Ohio where they can be found in the 1900 US census.  It is unknown if they moved to Cleveland to be near his Aunt Margaret Kaighin or Uncle Robert Christian.  Since he was born in 1858 and Margaret and Robert were already in the US, they likely may never have met prior to his arrival in Cleveland.  Living with this family is Ellen N. Kneen, cousin, age 30, born Isle of Man.  A close examination of later census records reveals who Ellen was and how she was a cousin to Sophia.  In the 1920 and 1930 census she is shown living with Walter and Florence Wood, the sister of Sophia.  Sophia’s cousin was Sophia Jane Quayle who married Hugh Kneen in 1866 and Eleanor was their oldest child.  Florence was the youngest child of this marriage.


1900 US Census, Cleveland, Ohio.  #80 Beechwood St. (Renamed E86th St. in 1905/6)




To Head



Date of



Of Birth







Christian, Stephen F.



April 1860

Isle of Man


Salesman, Drygoods

Renting House

Christian, Sophia M.



Sep 1862

Isle of Man




Christian, Ada



Jun 1886



At School


Christian, Howard



May 1894





Kneen, Ellen N.



Feb 1870

Isle of Man





1920 US Census, Cleveland, Ohio, 1882 E69th Street

Wood, Walter K., 30, Head b. Ohio

Wood, Florence K., 31, Wife b. IOM

Kneen, Eleanor J. S-I-L, 53, Single b. IOM, Dressmaker


1930 US Census, Cleveland, Ohio 1882, E69th Street

Wood, Walter K., 41, Head b. Ohio

Wood, Florence K., 43, Wife b. IOM, immig 1900

Kneen, Eleanor J. S-I-L, 63, Single b. IOM, immig 1893, Dressmaker


In the 1920 US Census Steven A., Sophie M., and Ada Christian can be found at 1625 Carlyon Road, Cleveland.  This record shows that Sophia and Ada immigrated in 1889 and all were naturalized in 1891.  Ada is a teacher in an elementary school.  Son Howard Stephen was born in May of 1894 and according to the Cleveland Necrology File (ID 0054366) died “suddenly” at Put-in-Bay, Ohio at age 16 on 19 August 1910.  The family residence was at 2228 E. 86th Street.  Also from the Cleveland Necrology File, Stephen A. Christian (ID 0054393) died 9 September 1922. (Cuyahoga County Death Certificate #47437)  Their residence at the time was 1625 Carlyon Road, East Cleveland. 


In the 1930 US Census Ada and Sophia are now living in the residence of George B(ridson) Christian at 3018 Scarborough Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  George was the son of Robert Christian who was the half-brother of Stephen and Margaret Christian.  George and his father Robert can be found living in Cleveland as early as the 1860 US census (2).


As mentioned Robert Christian was the son of John Christian and the half-brother of Margaret Christian.  Robert married Elizabeth Bridson,  12 August 1845, Kirk Braddan, IOM.  They had the following children:


1. Robert Alfred Christian - Christened 08 JUL 1846, Saint Mathews, Douglas, IOM

2. George Bridson Christian - Christened 08 JUL 1846, Saint Mathews, Douglas, IOM

3. Elizabeth Christian - Christened 29 OCT 1848, Saint Mathews, Douglas, IOM


Robert Alfred Christian died as an infant and his burial was recorded in Kirk Malew 15 Sep 1846.  The 1900 US Census shows that the family immigrated in 1850.  They first show up in census records in Cleveland in 1860 (2), and again in the 1870 US Census.  We know that Charles Kaighin and Margaret did not arrive in Cleveland until after the birth of their youngest child Charles Wesley Kaighin in 1863 in Brooklyn, New York.   A deed dated 20 August 1870 in Cuyahoga County shows that they were in Cleveland by then.  In 1875 Robert Christian purchased a plot on that same property owned by Charles and Margaret Kaighin for $1000. “Lot at Southeast corner of Gordon and Schott sold by Charles and Margaret Kaighin (grantors) to Robert Christian (grantee).”  Robert resold that same plot in 1892 to Ebenezer Kaighin, Charles’ son.  


Robert Christian died June 7, 1900 at age 82, his wife Elizabeth died Sept. 27, 1884

From the Cleveland Necrology File:

Elizabeth Christian- At 12:45 Saturday, September 27, Elizabeth B., wife of Robert Christian, at the family residence, 69 Cedar ave., aged 70 years. The funeral will be held Tuesday, Sept. 30, at 2:30 p.m

Robert Christian, on Thursday, June 7, at 4:10 a. m., in his 82d year. Funeral at his late residence, No. 1641 Euclid ave., Saturday, June 9, at 2 p. m. standard. Friends invited. Burial private.


Robert’s children Elizabeth and George resided together for the remainder of their lives.  Elizabeth died February 1, 1923 and George died May 31 1935.  George is listed in the Cuyahoga County Veterans Grave Sites database.  He fought in the US Civil War as a private in Company F, 150th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  He was buried at Lake View Cemetery. 

Miss Elizabeth Christian, beloved sister of George B. Christian, and aunt of Elizabeth B. Christian, at her residence, 3018 Scarborough road, Cleveland Heights. Funeral Saturday, Feb. 3, at 2:30 p. m.

George B. Christian, beloved father of Elizabeth B., born June 23, 1846, at Douglas, Isle of Man, passed peacefully away May 31, at his late residence, 3018 Scarborough Rd. Funeral services Monday, 2 p. m., June 3, from Wade Memorial. Grand Army services at cemetery.


The following are census records showing this family from 1900-1930 in Cleveland

1900 US Census, Cleveland, Ohio

1601 Euclid Avenue

Christian, George B., Head, 59, born Oct 1841 IOM, married 10 years, immig 1850

Christian, Eliza J. Wife, 50, born Mar 1850, Rhode Island, one child

Christian, Bessie, Daughter, 8, born Jan 1892, Ohio

Christian, Robert, Father, 81, born Jan 1819 IOM, widower, immig 1850

Christian, Elizabeth, Sister, 51, born Sep 1848 IOM, single, immig 1850


1910 US Census, Cleveland, Ohio

9501 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

Christian, George B., 63, Widower, born 1847 IOM, Treasurer, ? Company, immig 1850

Christian, Elizabeth, 61, Sister, Single, born 1849 IOM, immig 1850

Christian, Elizabeth B., 18, Daughter, single, born 1892 Ohio, mother born Rhode Island

Egermayer, May, Servant, 22


1920 US Census, Cleveland, Ohio

3018 Scarborough Road, Cleveland Heights Village, Ohio

Christian, George B., 70, Widower, born abt 1849, England, immig 1850, naturalized 1855, retired

Christian, Elizabeth, 69, Sister, born about 1850, England, immig 1850, naturalized

Christian, Elizabeth, 25, daughter, born about 1895, Ohio, mother born Connecticut


1930 US Census, Cleveland, Ohio

3018 Scarborough Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Christian, George B, Head, 84, born 1846 IOM, widower, immig 1850

Christian, Sophia, Cousin, 68 born 1862 IOM, widow, immig, 1890

Christian, Elizabeth, Daughter, 38, born 1892 Ohio, single

Christian, Ada, Cousin, 40, born 1890 England, single, immig 1890


The last Christian from this family to survive in Cleveland was Ada Christian, daughter of Stephen Alfred Christian.  She died in Cleveland unmarried on 30 May 1966 at age 79.

Miss Ada Christian at the A. M. McGregor Home, 14900 Terrage Rd., May 30, 1966. Services at Brown-Fogward. Shaker Home, 17022 Chagrin Blvd., Wednesday, June 1, at 11 a.m. Interment Lake View Cemetery.


The first child of John Christian and Elizabeth Patience Quayle, Catherine married Robert Cottier 13 June 1837 in Kirk Braddan.  They had two children Frances Jane christened 25 December 1839 and Robert christened 17 June 1838, both in Marown.   Frances married Edward Clucas 2 September 1862 at St. Thomas, Douglas.


The last sibling of Margaret Christian to note is her half-sister Charlotte, daughter of John Christian and Margaret Waterson.  Charlotte was christened 14 Sep 1817 in Kirk Malew.  As previously mentioned she was the second wife of Robert Faraker of Kirk German.  Her marriage with Robert produced nine children and twenty-one grandchildren all having the Faraker surname.  After Robert died prior to 1871, Charlotte and most of her surviving children moved to London, where she died in 1885.  Click here to see selected records for this family.



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