1 John Cain - Anne Whyte (proposed)  
          2 9153   Elias (Kaighn) Cain Sr. - Mary Shillingford  
  The Kaighin Family Tree - New Jersey Kaighns     3 13575   George B. Kaighn - Sarah McElroy 13650   William S. Kaighn - Nancy McElroy 11550   Elias Kaighn Jr. - (1) Sara Miller 13485 Elias Kaighn Jr. - (2) Sarah Ann Grubb 12650   James S. Kaighn - Mary Watson  
  We have found that the Y-DNA of the descendants of Elias Kaighn do not match the rest of the larger Kaighin family.  We have done extensive research and have now concluded that Elias Kaighn (9153) was not actually a Kaighn, and that he was born a CAIN.  Due to illiteracy, and his proximity to actual Kaighns in Gloucester, New Jersey, we theorize that record keepers began spelling his name Kaighn and by the time his 13 children became literate, the spelling had stuck.  There are currently 248 living Kaighns descended from Elias Kaighn/Cain.   This diagram is comprehensive down to either the father or grandfather of all living Kaighns.  To save space, sons who did not have sons of their own are not shown.  Names highlighted in green indicate participants in the Kaighin family DNA project.  Names underlined in red indicate the end of that particular line with either that individual or his son. 
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    4 18440 George P. Kaighn - Sallie Townsend 18035   William F. Kaighn - Margrett Keough 17440   Maurice M. Kaighn - (1) Angie Town 18779 Maurice M. Kaighn - (2) Leila Johns 17660   Edward W. Kaighn - Eleanor Snell 15215 Isaac C. Kaighn - (1) Mary J. UNKNOWN 16725 Isaac C. Kaighn - (2) Clare Stagers 16530 Alfred A. Kaighn 16750 William L. Kaighn 17235 John J. Kaighn - Hannah Cramer 15875 William H. Kaighn - (1) Harriet Josylin 18435   William H. Kaighn - (2) Margaret Kennedy  
      5     19169   George W. Kaighn - Vivian La Cross 19518   John L. Kaighn - Kathrine Lees 19164   Maurice E. Kaighn - Winnifred Cunnington 20185 Merrill Kaighn 19149   James B. Kaighn - Mary Sharp 19159   William S. Kaighn - Clara Huntley 18555 Elias M. Kaighn             19275 Walter W. Kaighn 19645 Edward J. Kaighn - Hedwig Glocker 19527   Charles H. Kaighn - Lillian Read  
      6     20490 Morris E. Kaighn - Adelaide Reicherter 21366 Mahlon M. Kaighn Sr. - Madeline 21140   Lewis S. Kaighn - Alma 20640   Russel J. Kaighn - Theresa 20780   Roland L. Kaighn - Lucy 21374   Lester A. Kaighn Sr. - Catharine 20715   Alan E. Kaighn - Geraldine     20451 Edward C. Kaighn Sr. - Adelaide 21015 Reuel S. Kaighn Sr. 200600 George L. Kaighn Sr. 20452 Edward R. Kaighn - Hazel Hodge 21010 William S. Kaighn Jr. - Frances                     21376 Francis J. Kaighn  20975 William H. Kaighn - Alma Watson 20782 Lester E. Kaighn Sr. 21363 Leonard C. Kaighn Sr. - Kathleen Simpkins  
      7         21537 Mahlon M. Kaighn Jr. 21569 Jeffrey C. Kaighn 21419 Carl L. Kaighn 21568 Robert D. Kaighn - Kathleen   21548   Robert D. Kaighn - Vivian 21414 John H. Kaighn Sr. 21513 Robert J. Kaighn Sr. 21471 Roland A. Kaighn Sr. 21472 Earl D. Kaighn 21459 Vincent J. Kaighn Sr. 21535 Richard E. Kaighn 21517 David F. Kaighn 21434   Kenneth E. Kaighn - Marilyn     21448 Edward C. Kaighn Jr.         21396 David H. Kaighn 21458 William E. Kaighn       Ann Parks (anne.parks at is descended from Isaac and Clara through their son William Perry Kaighn       Bea Hopkins (cbhop2 at is descended from William Lewis Kaighn, through his daughter Blanche         21431 Robert W. Kaighn     21432 Leonard C. Kaighn Jr.  
      8                     21675 Michael D. Kaighn 21621 Stephen R. Kaighn 21684 Andrew J. Kaighn     21513 Robert J. Kaighn Jr.                     21539 Ray A. Kaighn 21624 Daniel J. Kaighn Sr.                 21546 David R. Kaighn                                      
                                                                                        Reuel Kaighn Jr.  (rskaighn at is the son of Reuel S. Kaighn                             Bob Christine (Bchrighn at is the grandson of Edward James Kaighn and his second wife Louise Norcross through their daughter Eddenna              
                                                                  David Kaighn ( is the son of David F. Kaighn (21517)               Carol March (CHMarch at is the GG Grandaughter of Elias (Kaighn) Cain Sr. through his daughter Martha McMullen Kaighn             Brian Remmey (bokr08 at is William Snell's grandson through his daughter Frances                             Corey Kaighn ( is the grandson of Leonard C. Kaighn Jr. (21432) through his daughter Linda  
                            Michael D. Kaighn (mkaighn at   Justin Kaighn ( is the son of Stephen R. Kaighn (21621)   Andrew J. Kaighn (akaighn at     Robert J. Kaighn Jr. (rkaighn at                   Laurie Jolene Kaighn (jwarnerbtm at is the grand daughter of Alan Edward Kaighn and Geraldine through their son Robert Alan Kaighn                                                    
  Replace "at" with @ for email addresses                             Joan Kaighn (njgranny111 at is the daughter of Lewis Snyder Kaighn           Greg Kaighn ( is the son of Robert J. Kaighn Sr. (21513)                                                                                
  Click here to see the entire Kaighin Family Tree                                                                                                                 Pam Foltz (pfoltz2650 at is the great granddaughter of Edward James Kaighin and his second wife Louise Norcross through their daughter Eddenna              
  Click here to see this diagram in Excel                                                                 Derek Johnston (quoddy at is Julie's ex-husband but still works on family history.                                                              
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  Green indicates that individual has contributed to the Kaighin family Y-DNA Project                                                                                                                                      
                                                                          Ray A. Kaighn (raykaighn at                                                 Jim Kaighn (insdr at is the son of Francis James Kaighn              
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