Here is everything I have on our family.  Actually I have more from the Isle of Man before they came over and I’ll send you that link when I finish it up.  Please look through everything and comment as liberally as possible.  I’d like your input on anything and everything. 







A monumental inscription in the Braddan Old Yard in the Isle of Man.  This is our link to the island.  Charles had one sister that remained while he and their father went to America.  Her name was Catherine.  She married Robert Roberts.  Notice how many of his siblings died as children.  Rough life.


Kaighin Gravestones in Riverside Cementery and Sunset Memorial Cemetery, Cleveland.  I took the Riverside pictures in 1995.  Large Pictures, this will take a minute to load.


Photos of Charles W. Kaighin and family.  This will also take a minute to load.


Records (census, death, marriage) of Charles W. Kaighin and family


From the Journal of Mona’s Relief Society about 1919


Addresses of Kaighins 1852-1950 with accompanying maps.  Would you mind going through this page and seeing if you recognize these places?


The Cleveland Plain Dealer article about Charles W. Kaighin


Twilight with Mother – By Charles W. Kaighin   This will take a minute to load. Do you have a better copy?  The cover picture is very faded.  If you have a better copy can you let me know?


Paradise Restored – By Charles W. Kaighin.  I’m missing pages 17-24.  Do you have these pages?

My discussion about “Paradise Restored”.  Do you know if he was ever in Chicago?

A discussion with two members of the “Pacific Garden”, a homeless shelter in Chicago mentioned in Paradise Restored


A timeline of events for Charles W. Kaighin


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